MCM Settings

Settings applied by the WTP MCM preset.

The MCM settings below are applied by the WTP MCM preset. They are documented here purely for my benefit and for curious users. You do not have to apply them yourself.

Baka Wait Anywhere

  • While Being Irradiated: ON
  • Wait Hotkey: CTRL + T

I did not use just T as the hotkey as that would bring up the Wait menu while renaming weapons, etc, at workbenches.

Baka Wait Anywhere MCM

Configurable Hotkeys

  • Use Stimpak: CTRL + G
  • Toggle Radio: CTRL + B

Please note that any hotkeys bound through this mod are not blacklisted in menus and will fire when renaming a weapon in the workbench for instance. Thus, it is necessary to use keys that are not letters or combinations of multiple keys. Also be aware that Toggle Workshop and Show Wait Menu are not bound because hotkeys for them are covered by other mods.

Configurable Hotkeys MCM

FallUI Inventory

  • Dual colors was set to OK (with white as the primary color)
  • Secondary color was set to Green light for all menus

FallUI Inventory MCM 1

  • Go back by Pipboy/cancel key (for submenus) was set to ON

FallUI Inventory MCM 2

FallUI Confirm Boxes

  • All boxes were set to 96, 184, 100 (same as FallUI Inventory green light color)
  • All boxes except for the Create Robot one were set to the standard design

FallUI Confirm Boxes MCM


  • Max visible messages: 5
  • Hide “Hold [V] to open the Workshop menu”: ON


FallUI Map

  • Local map color Green light
  • Max zoom out 0.3
  • Map marker scale 130

FallUI Map MCM

FallUI Workbench

  • Auto-craft items without cost: OFF
  • Brightness unavailable item: 25


Faster Workshop

This mod is only included for its hotkey feature as Buffout already improves the workshop loading speed.

  • Start Workshop Mode: Y

Faster Workshop MCM


HoloTime is disabled by default and needs to be turned on first.

  • Downscaled to size .7 and relocated to the top right where it won’t clash with notifications boxes
  • Toggle HoloTime Display to H (HUD needs to be enabled)

HoloTime MCM

Immersive HUD

Immersive HUD is disabled by default and needs to be turned on first.

  • Main Settings: Immersive HUD Enabled
  • Settings Holotape OFF
  • AID Toggle Items OFF
  • Hotkey to Toggle HUD: V
  • Crosshair - Hit Marker: Always
  • Compass - Combat: ON
  • Compass - Aiming: OFF
  • Power Armor HUD: Always On
  • Stealth Indicator: Always On
  • Enemy Health: Always On

Immersive HUD MCM

Photo Mode

  • Photo Mode Menu Position: 4
  • Start Photo Mode: P

Photo Mode MCM

Workshop Framework

As the hint in the MCM suggests, the vanilla Shelter mechanic (where settlers’ happiness is reduced if the game cannot detect a roof over their bed) is buggy. I prefer disabling it altogether:

  • Shelter Mechanic: OFF

Just build your settlers’ beds somewhere below a roof to protect your immersion and ignore this buggy mechanic.

Workshop Framework MCM 1

Workshop Framework has a neat feature that automatically closes doors after a few seconds. Settlers are unfortunately able to open them, but will never close them again so you usually have all doors in your settlement standing wide open. Having them close automatically finally fixes that.

  • Door Management: ON
  • Auto-Close Delay: 10 (seconds)

Workshop Framework MCM 2

Finally, I highly recommend disabling the Manage Workbench prompt:

  • Manage Workbench OFF

The Manage menu accessible at workbenches is only for scrapping stuff placed by the player and the WF layouts feature. Since TPF Fallout 4 doesn’t currently include additional layouts, I would rather people disabled this entirely to prevent confusion. If you are interested in WF layouts, re-enable the Manage Workbench option and watch kinggath’s tutorials on importing and exporting them. Obviously, downloading and installing layouts counts as adding mods and voids your right to get support for WTP.

Workshop Framework MCM 3

Last modified June 28, 2022