Creation Club

Optional support for some Creation Club content.


I am not a fan of the Creation Club, whether you want to call it paid mods or microtransactions. That being said, some of my favourite modders have worked on “creations” and there are a few I really want to play with.

Creations are optional. WTP will never require you to spend extra money on mini DLC.

Supported Creations

The list is relatively short so far and while I intend to expand it in the future, I am not willing to take requests. These creations are rather pricey and I’m mostly interested in supporting those that I snatched for free anyway.

Modular Military Backpack

The highly customisable Modular Military Backpack was created by fadingsignal (the only reason I spent money on it) and it’s the perfect companion to the K-9 Harness (also by fadingsignal). I removed the levelled list distribution so there is only a single backpack in the world which you will come across very early on in the game in Vault 111.

Note that because you are able to pick it up before you’ve even stepped foot in the wasteland, the backpack will invariably hurt overall balancing by awarding generous amounts of extra carry weight and other buffs. I personally don’t mind that.

The “creation” is contained in the following files:

  • ccfsvfo4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack.esl
  • ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Main.ba2
  • ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Textures.ba2


We previously moved all “creations” (ESL+BA2 combinations) to \Your Modding Folder\Backups\Creation Club\. I recommend selectively installing the “creations” supported by WTP (only the Backpack currently) as mods through Mod Organizer 2.

  • To do so, navigate to the mods folder within your Mod Organizer 2 instance: \Welcome To Paradise\mods\.
  • Create a new folder there. Name it appropriately, e.g. “Creation Club - Modular Military Backpack”.
  • Copy the files (an ESL and one or two BA2s) into the new folder.
  • Back in Mod Organizer 2, press F5 to refresh.
  • The new mod will appear at the bottom of your mod order (left pane).
  • Drag it up below the NEW CONTENT separator and activate it.
  • Also activate any patches available for that creation under the same separator.
Last modified June 28, 2022