Acknowledgements for everyone involved in the creation of the mod list.

Mod list curated and maintained by Phoenix.

  • With tons of moral support from Lively, who is beyond a doubt the definitive Fallout 4 expert.
  • Thanks to Halgari and the crew for creating Wabbajack. Please considering supporting Wabbajack on Patreon!
  • Thanks to HoosteenElGuero for Disable Dismemberment By Weapon of which a tweaked, merged version is included.
  • Thanks to Herby for LootBalance of which an older, tweaked version is included.
  • Thanks to the authors of all tools used in the creation of this list, primarily Mod Organizer 2, FO4Edit, and BethINI.
  • Thanks to the authors of all mods featured in the mod list, it wouldn’t exist without you!
  • Thanks to all the wonderful folks on our Discord server and especially my supporters on Patreon. <3
Last modified October 24, 2021