Visuals – Update to 1.1

The rework of the VISUALS section is now complete.

On the Core and Visuals changes

The new approach I talked about a few weeks ago is now implemented.

The VISUALS section - like the CORE - is now split up into steps. There are 21 in total which includes 4 checkpoints. Overall the amount of supported mods has been substantially reduced although it is mostly extra options to choose from that were cut. Instead several of the major overhaul sections now have two options for the user to choose from. This simplifies not only the patching but also the entire flow of the guide itself at the cost of diversity.

I have also worked quite a bit on the CORE although I mostly edited the layout to match the VISUALS.

Additions instead of reworks

That's where I want to get.

With this big change implemented I hope to finally have a semi-final version of both CORE and VISUALS. There will be new mods added to both and possibly also instructions expanded, but no big changes like this one. My next goal is to rework the GAMEPLAY section in a similar way (more on that in a moment). All in all I believe I have finally found my guide's "niche" between Nordic Skyrim and DarkLadyLexy's LOTD STEP guide, and I am quite happy with the result!

Upcoming changes to the GAMEPLAY section

First up - three mods are about to get the boot after I played with them for a while now.

  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - What, CACO?! Yeah, it feels very gimicky and similar to Enairim to me. Still a great mod, but does not fit my 'vision' at all.
  • Reading is Good - In combination with the 50% reduced XP gain, this makes leveling excruciatingly slow. On top of that, the skill up when reading a book is very rewarding and I missed it quite a bit.
  • Not So Fast - Main Quest - I prefer to do the pacing myself and 'rush' through the Greybeards before level 15. The mod feels restrictive to me personally.

None of these mods are badly implemented, low quality or buggy. My reasons for kicking them out are purely conflicts with my idea of the perfect Skyrim (which this guide tries to achieve). To make up for the lack of CACO, I will add Skyrim Alchemy Fixed.

Apart from the restructuring and those mod changes, there is not a whole lot I have planned. I hope to be done with this until Christmas (for the 1 year anniversary!) so that I can begin to work on the CONTENT section in the new year. See you soon!

- Phoenix

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