Visuals – Update to 1.0

After working on a number of sorely needed updates and improvements, I now consider the VISUALS section a 'full release'!

So, what changed?

  • Lots of little fixes and layout changes (can't recall them all).
  • As planned a bunch of mods were added - among them one new option each for the Weather, Lighting and Grass sections.
  • There is now an entire section for Water mods with four options, yay!
  • The entirety of the DynDOLOD / SSELODGen instructions where moved to a section completely independent from the VISUALS.
  • In addition to that the remaining two mods from MODULE VI were moved to MODULE IV so that the now obsolete module, Distant Terrain, could be removed completely.
  • I also reworked the ENB / ReShade / SweetFX section to hopefully be easier to follow.
  • Here's the full changelog.

What now?

I already updated the CORE for the latest version of Skyrim SE ( and SKSE64 (2.0.10). Next up is an alpha update for the GAMEPLAY section with some new mods and updates to support the new version of SSE/SKSE. After that I hope to (finally) be able to start my own playthrough.

As for the VISUALS, there are quite a few mods I still want to add so I will probably do that over the next few weeks. I am still very unhappy with the modules for APPEARANCE and CITIES so they will definitely receive updates.

Why are you even writing this stuff down here? Nobody reads your blog!

Well, if that is so, this is still an excellent way to 'log' my progress and thoughts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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