Upcoming update for the website

Last night I started a BUY ME A COFFEE page for this guide. Things went a little crazy.


Within less than 24 hours y'all mad people donated 24 coffees to me - that's a grand total of $72! Even after subtracting the transaction fees, that is a huge amount of money and since I cannot possibly drink that much coffee, I'm now looking into a good way to invest into the guide.

Thank you. No, seriously. Thank you so, so much.

Getting a new host for the website

My current hoster is Linevast (a German provider) and it is actually great except for one thing - I can only create 2 MySQL databases. With this website and my Mom's (which I'm also running), I'm at the limit. Now that I've got some experience working with WordPress, I realise that not having an extra database is actually a huge problem. It would allow me to set up a new instance of the site, update it and finally replace the current one. Updates could be pushed instantly, without down-time or (which is what we currently have) confusion because while someone went through the guide, I edited something.

So I need another MySQL database and since I cannot upgrade my current plan, I'm looking for a new hoster.

Other improvements

Migrating to a different hoster offers me to start from a clean slate and I intend to use that for several things:

  1. A new theme. The current one is very nice, but after using it for half a year, I find it a little too spacy. Plus there have been many requests for a dark theme.
  2. Cleaning up. There are tons of old pages that I haven't gotten around to remove yet and the backend is just chaotic in general.
  3. Better structure. I'm hoping to find a better way to handle the menu and links - would prefer a nice big mega menu, but we'll see.
  4. Plus two more 'features' I've been meaning to add for a while now: see below

Show off your setup

This will be a new page where you can share your mod selections, hardware, resolution/FPS, screenshots and so on - to show off what you built with this guide as a reference for others.

Additional mods

Not sure what I'll call this yet, but there will be a section with mods that are not part of the main guide, but added because they are popular. They will come with patches for the rest of the guide. Essentially this section is meant for people to check after going through the guide to find some more specific mods to spice up their game. This will include mods like Bijin and Ordinator - so yes, they will finally be supported by the guide.

(Future) Donations

I will attempt to allow full transparency when it comes to how I use the money that was donated to me and what costs I will have to cover for the website. Seeing how people actually donate these incredible amounts of money to a humble guide author like me, I might be able to buy a dedicated microphone as well and record some videos. You can expect regular updates on all that!

Love and hugs to all of you, whether you donated or not. <3
- Phoenix


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