After porting (re-saving) a plugin, the Creation Kit crashes / freezes displaying the 'Saving - done!' message

Solution 1

Only applies if you did not install the Core.

Ensure you have a CreationKitCustom.ini in your root folder with the following lines:






After setting up the file paths in Merge Plugins Standalone, I cannot hit OK (the button is greyed out).

Solution 1

You did not install Mod Organizer 2 in Portable mode. To fix this, click the red-and-blue icon on the far left of the MO2’s icon bar, click OK to the warning that comes up and then select PORTABLE.


Exception in unit userscript line 331: System Error. Code 5. Access is denied.

Solution 1

Try to disable your antivirus.

Solution 2

If you are not running any antivirus software, turn off the inbuilt Windows Defender.


Low frame rate and / or sudden drops

INI tweaks:

  • Skyrim.ini: Increase the value for iMinGrassSize= (the sweet spot for most people should be between 40-60)
  • SkyrimPrefs.ini: Lower iShadowMapResolution= to 2048 if it is set to 4096.

Mod related:

  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul: Make sure you deleted the INI file coming with the mod.


Multiple monitor setups - my cursor won't stay locked in the game

Solution 1

Make sure the game is set to full screen by editing or adding this line in your SkyrimPrefs.ini:


Solution 2

Try to ALT + TAB to the desktop and then back into the game.

Solution 3

Download Dual Monitor Tools (check with Virus Total if you’re unsure about the executable, there were no warnings for me). When you open the Options, you can find a hotkey under Cursor > General to toggle a cursor lock on your current monitor. Define a hotkey that you won’t accidentally press (ALT + ArrowDown for me) and use it when you play Skyrim.


On the 'False Save Game Corruption' issue

Fixed by SSE Engine Fixes.

This is a fairly serious issue that will essentially fry your save game, preventing you from continuing your playthrough. Normally, it can occur at any time between one and twenty hours into the playthrough when you are suddenly unable to talk to NPCs – the dialogue opens just as intended but you cannot click any of the options. At that point you will find that when you save your game and then try to load it, Skyrim SE will notify you that the save game is corrupt and cannot be loaded.

Why false corruption? Because this issue goes away for a while once you restart your game. You can actually reload the supposedly corrupted save and continue playing – until the issue re-appears after a few minutes or up to an hour. However long it takes, it will return and force you to quit and re-launch the game.

There is a thread in the Nexus Mods forum – False “save corruption” during gameplay – with over a hundred pages of posts and there have been a few posts on this issue over on r/skyrimmods (the modding sub reddit) as well. As far as I know, there is no definitive answer as to the source of it – string count limits were suspected, removing interface mods allegedly helped delay the issue for some and scrolling through a long list of items (at the forge for example) caused it immediately for others. It seems very unlikely that a single mod is behind this. So far the culprit appears to be any plugin with form version 43 – plugins that were not re-saved ( = converted) in the new Creation Kit. The Bashed Patch plugin used to have the old form version (Wrye Bash was updated and fixed since) and that would explain how a large number of people would have a form version 43 plugin in their load order, leading to the ‘false corruption’ issue.

All I can say is that I struggled with this myself, gave up at some point and started a new (very similar) mod list a few months later where I made it a point to convert every form version 43 plugin. Over twenty hours into the game, the ‘false corruption’ issue has not resurfaced.

The bottom line here is obviously: Re-save your plugins, each and every one with form version 43. Before you start a new playthrough, go through them once more and make sure none of them has the old form version.

As far as fixing an existing save game with this issue goes, I highly doubt that it is possible at all. You will most likely need to start over.

Tree reflections on water look like big black rectangulars?

This is a new, Skyrim SE-exclusive engine bug and it looks like this.

Solution 1:

ENBSeries fixes this so make sure you have the following line in your enblocal.ini:


Solution 2:

If you don’t use ENBSeries, edit the following line in your Skyrim.ini: