TPF Addons

Expansions and tweaks of the original setup.

About TPF Addons

Once upon a time, The Phoenix Flavour used to be modular. It also had optional mods. The idea was to give the user choices wherever possible and mark mods that are easy to swap as such. However, over time this proved to be enormously cumbersome to maintain on our end and after removing all traces of optional mods and modularity, the overall quality of the guide (and my own motivation to work on it) sky-rocketed. Needless to say, it was the right decision and we’ll never go back to the pre-3.0 structure.

That being said, we’ve found a way to allow for some customisation without having to split my own attention between various possible installations. The Phoenix Flavour as the main setup will be completely unaffected by this section and any support for users of either manual guide or Wabbajack version will remain restricted to those with unedited setups.

Addons are extensions for the base TPF setup, made primarily by third parties - fellow users. I am also working on an Addon of my own, TPF-X. They are to be installed on top of existing and unedited TPF installations, and feature a variety of new mods or integration patches. Addons are incompatible with each other, you can only install one.

If you are interested in using Addons:

  • Install The Phoenix Flavour first, ideally by following the manual guide.
  • Test your setup. Play a little. Get help for any issues you may encounter.
  • Only THEN should you consider installing an Addon.

If you run into issues after installing an Addon, you may ask for help in the dedicated TPF Addons section on the Discord server where the authors of the various Addons provide support for their tweaks.

You should start a new character after installing an Addon.

Wabbajack Users

Some Addons have Wabbajack installers. These are standalone and do not require the original TPF installation.

Wabbajack users are not supposed to install Addons manually. Of course you can in theory follow the manual instructions for Addons like anyone else but I highly recommend against it. If you did not install TPF manually and have no or little prior modding experience, you are likely to make mistakes or simply miss crucial steps. You are also missing the tools required.

In Summary

  • Installing an Addon disqualifies you from getting support on Discord in the #tpf-guide-support channel.
  • Creators provide support for their addon(s) in the #tpf-addon-help channels, and only there.
  • Manual Addons require experience gained during the manual installation for TPF and are not recommended for WJ users.
  • Wabbajack Addons are standalone and do not require an existing TPF installation.
  • Addons should be installed in a separate MO2 profile.
  • Addons are usually not compatible with each other.

Available Addons

The Phoenix Flavour - Dragon’s Edition by DragonBlame

As the most expansive addon to date, Dragon’s Edition features a ton of new content and other popular types of mods that are not part of base TPF.

Wabbajack installer available.

Notable additions:

  • SmoothCam, QuickLoot, Alternate Conversation Camera
  • DLC-sized mods such as Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, The Forgotten City, Moon and Star, Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elsweyr
  • New player homes including Ryek’s End and Morskom Estate
  • New companions such as Inigo, Kaidan, Gladys, and Interesting NPCs
  • High Poly Head, KS Hairdos Lite, HDT Physics, various NPC overhauls
  • … and many, many more
  • Full list of mods here
Slidikins’ Strenuous Skyrim by Slidikins

Slidikins’ guide has been around longer than TPF, however, it has since been adapted to use TPF as a base. The setup is generally more challenging, with Survival mode integration, a reduced HUD, and harsher economy. The Survival Mode from the Creation Club is required.

Wabbajack installer available.

Notable additions:

  • CC Survival Mode and CC Rare Curios
  • Conner’s Survival Mode
  • Honed Metal & Item Durability
  • True Directional Movement & SmoothCam
  • Missives
  • Resistances and Weaknesses
  • SSE Gameplay Tweaks
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer
  • Movement Behavior Overhaul
  • and many more
Sr. Kaio’s Seasoning by Sr. Kaio

Seasoning is a small collection of personal tweaks and additions that integrate seamlessly with the base setup.

Notable additions:

  • Alternate Conversation Camera Plus
  • Undiscovered Means Unknown
  • Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows
  • JK’s Interiors
  • PraedythXVI’s staves with ENB Light
  • Reading Is Good
  • rougeshot’s skeleton replacers
Flavoured Legacy - LOTD Integration by Codygits

Features a proper integration patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn as well as detailed instructions for LOTD TPF compatibility.

Patch for:

  • Legacy of the Dragonborn
Unofficial Creation Club Integration by Delta

Modular patch hub for various Creation Club content with proper integration and instructions.

Supported creations:

  • CC Survival Mode (also requires Conner’s Survival Mode) no longer supported*
  • CC Rare Curios
  • CC Rare Curios + Rare Curios - Bolt Expanded
  • CC Crossbow Collection
  • CC Vigil Enforcer Set
  • CC Umbra

* If you are interested in playing TPF with survival mechanics, check out Sunhelm.

Last modified June 28, 2022