Explanations for acronyms and modding-specific terms.


CCCreation Club
CKCreation Kit
CRPConflict Resolution Patch
Data folderSteam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\
ENBENBSeries, a post-processing FX injector.
ENB Binariesd3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll (core part of ENBSeries)
Form VersionPlugin component, 43 for SLE, 44 for SSE. Update SLE plugins to SSE by resaving them.
INI FolderC:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\
LOOTLoad Order Optimisation Tool, sorts plugins based on a masterlist.
MO2Mod Organizer 2
NMMNexus Mod Manager (deprecated, superceded by Vortex)
Particle PatchMesh fix collection by mindflux, only available on the ENB forums.
ResavingLoading and saving a plugin into the CK without editing it, updates to Form Version 44
Root folderSteam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\
xEditCommunity-made plugin editing software, available for many Beth games (SSEEdit, FO4Edit, etc).

Mod Acronyms

The table below contains many popular abbreviations for certain mods, including mods that are not in the guide.

3DNPCsInteresting NPCs
ACEArmor and Clothing Extension
AGOArchery Gameplay Overhaul
AllGUDAll Geared Up Derivative
AMBaMidianBorn (Book of Silence)
AOSAudio Overhaul (for) Skyrim.
AS LALAlternate Start - Live Another Life
BDSBetter Dynamic Snow
BSW(LeanWolf’s) Better-Shaped Weapons
CACOComplete Alchemy and Cooking overhaul
CBBECaliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
CCORComplete Crafting Overhaul Redone (SLE), Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered (SSE)
CFTOCarriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul)
CGOCombat Gameplay Overhaul
CRFCutting Room Floor
DDCDiverse Dragons Collection
DWCDiverse Werewolves Collection
EBQOEven Better Quest Objectives
EBTEnhanced Blood Textures
EEOEthereal Elven Overhaul
ELEEnhanced Lighting for ENB
ELFXEnhanced Lights and FX
EVTEnhanced Vanilla Trees
FARForgotten Argonian Roots
FECFrozen Electrocuted Combustion
FNISFore’s New Idles
GISTGenuinely Intelligent Soul Traps
IDDPImmersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass
iHUDImmersive HUD
ISCImmersive Sounds - Compendium
MLUMorrowloot Ultimate
MMMorrowloot Miscellania / Majestic Mountains
NEONight Eye Overhaul
NFFNether’s Follower Framework
NSMNoble Skyrim Mod
OCSOpen Cities Skyrim
RCIRuins Clutter Improved
RDORelationship Dialogue Overhaul
SFOSkyrim Flora Overhaul
SKSESkyrim Script Extender
SKSE64Skyrim Script Extender - 64bit version for Skyrim SE (is referred to simply as SKSE sometimes)
SMIMStatic Mesh Improvement Mod
SROSkyrim Realistic Overhaul
TCIYThe Choice Is Yours
TIETiming Is Everything
USSEPUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
WACCFWeapon, Armor, Clothing, and Clutter Fixes
WICOWindsong Immersive Character Overhaul
XPMSSEXP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
ZIAZim’s Immersive Artifacts
Last modified June 28, 2022