Generating Nemesis.

Nemesis Setup

Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine is a tool used to add custom animations to Skyrim. It is an open-source replacement and upgrade for FNIS, and required for several animation-related mods in TPF.

Nemesis will generate a number of files specifically for your setup. In order to simplify the file management, we will set up an output folder ahead of time.

New Separator

  • Create a PATCHER OUTPUT separator in Mod Organizer 2.
  • It should be at the bottom of your mod order, below the CRP.

Nemesis Output Folder

  • In Mod Organizer 2, click the tools icon above your mod order and select Create empty mod (see picture below).
  • Rename the new mod folder to Nemesis Output.
  • Drag the new empty mod (displayed in grey italics) below the PATCHER OUTPUT separator and activate it.

Create Empty Mod

Add Nemesis to MO2

  • Open the Executables window in Mod Organizer 2 (Tools > Executables or CTRL + E).
  • Click the blue plus icon and select Add from file.
  • Navigate to Mod Organizer 2\mods\Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine\Nemesis_Engine.
  • Double-click Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine.exe.
  • Check the Create files in mod instead of overwrite checkbox and select Nemesis Output from the drop down menu.
  • Click OK to close the Tools window.

Add Nemesis to MO2

Generate Nemesis

  • Run Nemesis (the executable we just added) through Mod Organizer 2.
  • There will be two warnings about missing (not yet generated) cache, click OK to both.
  • Click the Update Engine button and wait for the process to be completed.
  • When it’s done, check the Jump Behavior Overhaul box.
  • Click the big Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine button.
  • Nemesis will eventually return Behavior generation complete and you can close the tool.
  • Back in Mod Organizer 2, press F5 to refresh and you can see that files were added to the Nemesis Output mod folder.
  • A FNIS.esp will appear at the bottom of your load order. Make sure it’s activated.

FNIS.esp is an empty dummy plugin used to trick XPMSSE, the skeleton replacer, into thinking FNIS is actually present in the load order. Functionally, FNIS is replaced by Nemesis.

Apparently, if Nemesis stalls at 99% progress, you can fix this by changing your Windows display language to English.

Run Nemesis

Last modified June 28, 2022