New Stuff

Additional content in TPF.

New Music

While it is highly unusual for me to be adding new content like music tracks, there are some incredibly high quality music mods out there that I loved to play with. If you played a lot of Skyrim, you ARE going to notice the new tracks so they stick out in a sense but not negatively so. I found it rather refreshing to have a new track to listen to every once in a while and none of them stray too far from the atmosphere created by Jeremy Soule’s original soundtrack.

All included music mods contain tracks written specifically for Skyrim. I created a playlist which contains all new music tracks added to Skyrim by mods in TPF which you can find here. Separate links can be found below.

The Northerner Diaries

Speaking of Jeremy Soule, the composer was working on a project called “Northerner Symphony” shortly after the release of Skyrim which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter but never saw the light of day. However, several years after the original project was supposed to be completed Soule released the “Northerner Diaries” album containing “sketches” recorded with a virtual orchestra.

Eight tracks from the “Northerner Diaries” album were added to Skyrim in the mod The Northerner Diaries - Immersive Edition where author took great care to exclude tracks that didn’t fit.

You can find the full album on YouTube. My personal favourite is the first track, Njól, with that beautiful piano melody.

Musical Lore by Nir Shor

Also included are three tracks by the composer Nir Shor (Musical Lore).

OrganicView’s Music

And finally I am partial to the tracks composed by OrganicView which are split into four mods: one each for exploration, combat, towns, and taverns.

Last modified May 30, 2023