Future Plans

Upcoming features for The Phoenix Flavour.

This page has NOT been updated for 4.x yet.

I am working on the guide in my free time of which I admittedly have plenty.

  • You can check my current to do list on Github here.
  • Issues are tracked on Github here.
  • Mods pending review or addition to the guide are listed on my Trello board.

Planned features

  • More mods of course.
  • Small descriptions for (most) mods.
  • A beginner’s guide to precede the Setup.
  • A detailed MO2 guide for the Resources section.
  • A gameplay guide akin to what many Wabbajack lists offer.

The Resources sections as well as the Troubleshooting page are also in need of more updates and additions.

Additional mods

Mods that are being considered for TPF are listed on our Trello board, linked above.

Mods that will not be added

Some popular mods will never, ever be added to TPF. This is not necessarily because I consider them “bad” or low quality but mostly because they do not fit the vision of a streamlined vanilla-plus version of Skyrim SE. This is a non-exhaustive list of mods, please do not ask me about them, I will not do it.

  • Ordinator
  • Chesko’s survival mods (Frostfall, Campfire)
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO)

TPF is unlikely to ever feature any kind of needs / survival mods with the exception of Parapets’ The Frozen North which is subtle and streamlined enough to be considered.

Legacy of the Dragonborn is NO LONGER available in the Wabbajack version of TPF. The Elysium WJ mod list is a fork of TPF featuring LOTD and EnaiRim as well as CC support.

Creation Club support

My personal opinion of the CC is rather low for many reasons. However, I do consider adding support for some select “creations” in the future (Forgotten Seasons for instance). At present, TPF does not support any “creations” and installing them invalidates your right to receive support for issues just like adding other Nexus mods would.

Suggest a mod

Any user is welcome to suggest mods for inclusion in the guide, but please make sure first that it isn’t already listed on our Trello (check the link above). Otherwise we have a #tpf-mod-suggestions channel on our Discord server where you may drop links to mods that fit the TPF vision.

Last modified June 28, 2022