Acknowledgements for everyone involved in the creation of the guide.

The Team

  • Phoenix - that’s me! - initially published the guide way back in 2017 and stuck with it ever since. I do all the writing, basically.
  • Umgak is in charge of all our custom patches, conflict resolution, and consistency edits.

Past & Present Contributors

  • Faron
  • Madi
  • alsa
  • Slim
  • D1Z4STR
  • zDas
  • jdsmith2816
  • Nth
  • Raven
  • nihues
  • Lively

The Website

  • Thanks to Step for setting up Hugo and Docsy, and creating the dark theme.
  • Thanks to Kai for implementing the theme toggle so that alsa and I can use light mode.
  • Thanks to Luna who set up the proper domain and Cloudflare SSL on the Hugo website for us.
  • Thanks to vaecors for reminding me that Hugo would be a perfect solution and supporting us in setting it up.
  • Thanks to erri120 without whom I might never have tried Github which turned out to be the perfect solution.

Further Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to Lexy with whom I’ve enjoyed some wonderful conversations about the woes of maintaining a modding guide.
  • Thanks to halgari and the Wabbajack team who have been very accommodating and supportive.
  • Thanks to alt3rn1ty for their manual ESM cleaning instructions (included in the Initial Setup section).
  • Thanks to Dodger for gifting me lifetime Nexus Premium and Kedavix for the Snagit license.
  • Thanks to our fellow mod and guide authors: SimonMagus, VictorF, mnikjom, Nathan, Slidikins, and all the others.
  • Thanks to all the wonderful people on our Discord server, particularly those who have been around and active for a long time.
  • Thanks to my Patreons and everyone who donated over PayPal or by other means over the years!
Last modified June 28, 2022