About The Phoenix Flavour - Dragon’s Edition.


About The Phoenix Flavour - Dragon’s Edition

What if Skyrim was released a bit later?

The Phoenix Flavour (TPF) for Skyrim Special Edition is a visuals and gameplay-focused modlist made by Phoenix. It includes hundreds of mods across several dozen categories, all carefully selected to fit Phoenix’s vision of a lore-friendly, improved but not radically changed Skyrim. The Phoenix Flavour strives to provide a solid upgrade of the vanilla experience with modern visuals and rebalanced gameplay.

The Phoenix Flavour - Dragon’s Edition (TPF DE or DE) is a fork of The Phoenix Flavour. It expands Skyrim’s world and possibilities extensively by adding adventuristic content for many tastes and beautiful sceneries surrounding it.

Additional Features

  • Carefully integrated Creation Content from Anniversary Upgrade;
  • Different quests and places to explore, people to meet;
  • Picturesque additions to Skyrim’s landscape and interiors;
  • Seasonal changes in Skyrim’s flora and fauna;
  • Not intrusive, interesting new mechanics;
  • Many useful tools and quality of life additions;
  • Unique looks for all races of Skyrim;
  • Fresh, hand-picked animations for player character;

Included Mods

Full list of supported creations from the upgrade can be found here.


Overall modded Skyrim is highly GPU-dependent. A fast card with plenty of VRAM will considerably improve performance. Installing the game on an SSD will improve load times dramatically and prevent stutter.

  • CPU: Processor with high single core performance (3.2GHz or more);
  • RAM: 8-16 GB of DDR3 or DDR4 memory, running at 2400MHz or faster;
  • GPU: A modern card with at least 6 GB of VRAM;
  • Hard Drive: At least 170 GB of free space on your SSD, at least 100 GB - on your HDD.

Overall Dragon’s Edition needs a bit more resources than its parent, but at the same time not as much as the most popular modlists for high-end PCs’ users. Everything from modern mid-end PC to high-end PC should run the modlist well without any problems.

Widescreen and controller support is included.


Last modified July 12, 2024