About Aurora - A Visual Overhaul.

Aurora is a Wabbajack visuals-only list for Skyrim Special Edition with an emphasis on consistency. It is based on Skyrim Modding Essentials and contains the same fixes and tools, including widescreen support; however, no changes were made to gameplay, interface, content integration, etc.

Due to the nature of the list, I expect that most users will use it as a base for their own setup. As such, it requires the same disclaimer as SME: I will provide no support whatsoever for anything beyond the setup itself, I am not responsible for your modifications. That being said, Aurora is fully documented which should help in building off it.

Skyrim SE 1.6.x on Steam and the full Anniversary Edition DLC are required.

Aurora is fully documented.


Check the complete mod list and load order on Load Order Library.

  • Fully self-contained setup thanks to Stock Game folder + Root Builder
  • Base setup: Rudy ENB for Obsidian Weathers and Lux
  • Hundreds of handpicked mesh and texture replacers of reasonable poly count / resolution
  • Some customisation options (alternatives to mods in the base setup that you can optionally enable)
  • All facegen regenerated for much higher quality and to incorporate relevant mods (i.e., retextured tintmasks)
  • Pregenerated LODs

Not Included

  • NPC overhauls with face edits and new hair meshes
  • Any new character customisation options (or any new content in general)
  • City / interior overhauls (such as JK’s Skyrim or JK’s interiors)
  • Parallax and / or complex parallax
  • Seasons of Skyrim


Please refer to the Installation page.

Last modified April 12, 2024