These are my settings, collected with some research and testing. I am running the game at the default 60FPS – since I do have a 60Hz monitor – and because I have an NVIDIA GPU, I can use NVIDIA Profile Inspector to create special profiles with specific settings for any game.

Use these instructions only if you also have a 60Hz monitor and an NVIDIA GPU.


NVIDIA Profile Inspector Installation

  • Download the latest version of NVIDIA Profile Inspector here.
  • Extract the contents of the archive.

Skyrim SE Profile

  • Launch NVIDIA Profile Inspector and click this little icon to open the profile settings.
  • Download my custom profile from the guide’s mod page and extract it somewhere.
  • Click this icon in the Inspector top bar and select Import profile(s).
  • Navigate to where you extracted my profile and double-click Elder Scrolls V Skyrim SE.nip to import it.
  • Close NVIDIA Profile Inspector. Done!