You will be instructed to remove the plugin in the following cases:

  • The plugin is not required for the rest of the mod to work and includes features we don’t need.
  • The plugin is empty and only exists to load a BSA, but we extract the BSA and therefore no longer need the plugin.

Hide or delete?

Deleting the plugin obviously gets rid of it entirely. With MO2, there are two ways to hide a plugin so that the game won’t recognize it but you are still able to restore it whenever you like.


Method #1 – any file

Method 1 – works with any file, not just plugins

  • Double-click the mod in your mod order.
  • Switch to the Filetree tab.
  • Right-click any file and select Hide or Delete.

If you select Hide, it will add the extension .MOHIDDEN to the file(s) so that the game no longer recognizes it / them. Right-click the file again and select Unhide to remove the extension and restore the original file.

Method #2 – hide plugins

Method 2 – works only with plugins

  • Double-click the mod in your mod order.
  • Switch to the Optional ESPs tab.
  • Select any plugin in the bottom box and click the arrow to move it to the top box.

This will create a new folder – Mod Organizer 2\mods\%YOURMOD%\optional – into which the hidden ESP is moved. This way it is no longer recognized and loaded by MO2 or the game.