• Launch zEdit through Mod Organizer 2 (picture).
  • Select zMerge (picture) and click Start Session.


  • Click Create Merge.
  • In the Details tab, enter the following:
    • Name: Harvest Overhaul Redone [Merged]
    • File name: Harvest Overhaul Redone_Merged.esp
  • Set Merge Method to Clean – Merge down (improved).
  • In the Plugins tab, select the following plugins:
    • HarvestOverhaul_Redone.esp
    • HarvestOverhaul_Redone_Creatures.esp
    • HOR-Flora Respawn Fix Patch.esp
    • HOR Creatures-Flora Respawn Fix Patch.esp
    • Harvest Overhaul reduction.esp
  • Click OK.
  • Click Build (here) and wait for the process to complete.
  • Close zMerge once it says All Done.


  • Refresh (F5) Mod Organizer 2 and the new merge will appear at the bottom of your load order.
  • Double-click Harvest Overhaul Redone [Merged] in your mod order.
  • Switch to the Filetree tab.
  • Right-click Harvest Overhaul Redone.esp and rename it to HarvestOverhaul_Redone.esp.
  • Close the window.
  • Place Harvest Overhaul Redone [Merged] above Harvest Overhaul Redone in your mod order and activate it.
  • Uncheck the following mods in your mod order (left pane):
    • Harvest Overhaul Redone - Plants
    • Harvest Overhaul Redone - Creatures
    • Harvest Overhaul Redone - Flora Respawn Fix Patch
    • ChocolateNoodle's Little Balance Mods - Harvest Overhaul Reduction
  • Place HarvestOverhaul_Redone.esp right below Skyrim Alchemy Fixed.esp in your load order.

On renaming the plugin: This is necessary in order for patches to recognize and work with the merged plugin.