You can open the dev console by pressing the key shown in the picture on the right (tilde on US keyboards) and enter commands one at a time.

There is a wide variety of commands available. You can add items to your inventory, spawn any creature or NPC, advance quests, change the weather, adjust game settings, and much more. Some commands can be quite useful when testing your modded setup.


Batch-execute commands

To quickly run multiple commands at once, simply create a new TXT file in your root folder, enter any commands (one per line), and save it. Open the console in-game, type in bat "filename" (without the quotation marks), and hit enter to automatically execute all commands included in the TXT file.

Note: In Fallout 4, it is possible to add the line sStartingConsoleCommand=”bat AutoExec” to the [General] section of your Fallout4.ini which then automatically runs the specified bat file upon launching the game. This does not appear to be possible in Skyrim SE unfortunately.

Automatically execute commands at launch

Alternatively, you can use Autorun Console Commands which we installed in the Core. Simply double-click it in your mod order, select the Autorun.exe, and add any commands you like. Don’t forget to click Save before closing the window.


General commands

tgm toggle godmode: infinite health, stamina, magicka, carry weight and ammunition, take no damage
tcl — toggle collision
qqq — immediately closes the game
tmm 1 — enables all map markers
tai — toggle AI
tcai — toggle combat AI
tm — toggle all HUD elements, including menus and console

player.additem — add specific item(s) to the player’s inventory
player.additem 0000000f 999 — add 999 gold to the player’s inventory

player.setav speedmult — adjust player speed
player.setav speedmult 100 — reset player speed to default

player.setrace — change player race (not recommended for actual playthroughs)
showracemenu — opens the character customisation menu

tg — toggle grass
tssss — toggle snow subsurface scattering


coc — center on cell, ports player to a certain location (there’s a list of location IDs here)
coc riverwood — creates convenient test character in Riverwood when used from the main menu (works with all other locations too, of course)

Free Camera

tfctoggle free camera
tfc 1toggle free camera and freeze time
sucsm adjust free camera speed
sucsm 1set free camera speed to default


kill — click on any NPC, type this, and hit enter to instantly kill them
unlock — click on any locked door or chest, type this, and hit enter to open it
fov — adjust Field of View
Prid — selects the NPC’s reference, you can then use kill, move to, or other commands