The Phoenix Flavour – Release 3.0

The Road to 3.0

Here we are, half a year later.

3.0 has been a long time coming. I began working on this update about half a year ago and it looked very different then. Since then a lot has happened. Legacy of the Dragonborn V5 was released! We had another Skyrim update. There is still no news on Elder Scrolls 6. The guide was moved to a different, Github-based website, to STEP, to a simple PDF document and back to the website. My personal life took a nosedive, then recovered. I picked up work on TPF again in December.

But let’s not waste any more time with longwinded explanations. The update you guys were waiting on, that the guide so desparately needed – it’s here!

What's new?

The guide is no longer modular.
This decision single-handedly revived TPF when I thought I couldn’t find the motivation to work on it again. It had to happen eventually. Maintaining the modularity became too much work and would have exploded with inconvenience in the originally planned Content module.

The guide is becoming more customisable.
Here’s the upside of a non-modular guide – it is much easier to point out compatible mods or expand it. With the Customisation section, I have an easy platform for instructions on how to tweak and add to your setup.

The guide has been expanded significantly.
I do not know the exact amount of mods added with 3.0 (didn’t keep count!) but there were plenty and the list is now around 580 mods long which, admittedly, includes a number of patches.

Another notable addtion is the new Beginner’s Guide, a work-in-progress collection of articles written for those who are entirely new to modding. It currently includes three pages with more to come. The Mod Organizer 2 Quick Start Guide is slated for release with TPF 3.1.

And finally countless changes, updates and new instructions are included that account for the most recent versions of Skyrim, SKSE, our tools such as the CK and Mod Organizer 2 as well as all featured mods.

Also I know this is completely subjective but I tweaked a lot of the colours and layout, and I think the website looks Betterâ„¢ now!


Even though the guide is three years old now, I never created a Patreon page for myself. This was mostly due to the fact that accepting support through Patreon requires a certain amount of commitment and unfortunately I can’t handle pressure and expectations very well – even if they are only self-made.

My life however has changed somewhat. In about two weeks, on February 3rd, I will turn twenty-one and incidentally have my first day back at school as well. I will spend two more years getting my A-levels after quitting school back when I was fifteen, two years during which I will live in a new city and, for the first time ever, in my very own (tiny) flat. Depression is never truly “beaten” but I’m on my way to a normal life where I can handle it.

Long story short, I will be pretty broke during that time and some extra money on the side through Patreon will go a long way with helping me to pay my bills for electricity and internet connection as well as keeping my PC up-to-date. The website also has to be paid for of course.

Unfortunately there isn’t much I can offer to Patrons except for polls on what I should work on next and potentially some additional support for other mods as a way to give back to you guys. There is also a dedicated #Patreon-Lounge channel on Discord for Patrons and I’m considering to chat a bit about my personal life if people would like to know how I’m doing as well.

So without further ado – here’s my Patreon!

Future Plans

Of course I am already working on 3.1, the next update for The Phoenix Flavour. If you are interested, here are my current plans for the next update:

  • Integration of Adamokrii – our own custom mash-up of the two vanilla-plus themed perk overhaul.
  • The MO2 Quick Start Guide, plus potentially more additions and improvements for the Beginner’s Guide.
  • New Customisation sections and more content for the FAQ as well as tips to improve performance.
  • A lot of smaller additions, improvements and new mods that didn’t make it into 3.0.


Those who followed the guide in recent months know that I have a postive stance toward Wabbajack, the automated installer, but do not plan to create a WJ pack myself. Fortunately zDas has stepped up to the task with Lively and others from the WJ team supporting him in the creation and maintanence of a TPF Wabbajack installer! Expect updates soon.

Closing Words & Thanks

And so all that remains is to thank the incredible people who helped make The Phoenix Flavour 3.0 possible because this release has been supported by more people than ever before.

Massive thanks to Umgak for being the most amazingly resourceful team member I could ever wish for! She created our Conflict Resolution Patch for 3.0 from scratch and built other patches to resolve script conflicts, facegen issues, and more.

Thanks to zDas who is not only in charge of the TPF Wabbajack installer but also a new moderator on our Discord server. Thanks also to Cassi who is now our third moderator!

Thanks to all the contributors and beta testers who helped polish the guide over the past few weeks, in particular:

Jacques Strappe

Happy modding everyone!
– Phoenix