The Phoenix Flavour – Release 2.9

Welcome back, everyone. It’s been a while.

This time around, I bring you an update that includes exactly what I said it would include which – I think – is a first. It took me longer than expected but that also has an unusual reason: I’m doing well, and have been for a week now (just wait till I tell my therapist, she’s going to fall off her chair).

Here’s what’s new:

Major changes

Changelog here

Updated for the latest version. The guide now runs with Skyrim SE 1.5.80 and SKSE64 2.0.16, the newest round of Creation Club updates. All included mods were updated quickly, thankfully, and you can now safely update your own setup. I added a Resource page to help you with that here.

New perk overhaul. After running with Vanilla perks for a long time (which I personally still prefer over everything else), we have now integrated EnaiSiaion’s recently released vanilla-plus perk overhaul Vokrii as a new required mod for the Gameplay module.

New weather / lighting overhaul combination. After switching over to Cathedral Landscapes with the previous update, I have now also replaced Obsidian Weathers with Cathedral Weathers. To match the new weather overhaul, I have also swapped out ELFX for Luminosity + Relighting Skyrim for a much simpler option that is less prone to flickering and does not rely on custom meshes.

Various guide flow improvements. All Finalisation pages were split up into multiple steps. Instructions previously “outsourced” to Resources pages are now back in the main guide. ESL-ifying plugins is no longer optional but was moved to the very end of each module to be done in one go which should speed up the process considerably.

Created New Game page. This has been on my list for over a year and I finally got around to it. The page is intended to help you along when starting an actual new playthrough and includes some preparation instructions as well as mod configuration tips and notes. Will be expanded in the future.

Upcoming mods

Unfortunately Cathedral Landscapes 3.0 has not been released yet which means I’ve not changed anything about the Landscapes section and generating terrain LOD is still not part of the guide currently. We’ll have to be patient. =)

In other news, there has been another post on iEquip recently which is incredibly exciting as apparently the mod is nearing completion. If you never heard about iEquip, I suggest you head over to reddit and read the latest post as well as the previous ones which are linked to. It looks absolutely amazing and will be included in the guide once released.

There is also a third upcoming that looks quite interesting and while I’m not sure it will be added to the guide, it is definitely worth a look. The name is Myrkvior and it’s another tree overhaul, first mod in a new “The Flora of Skyrim” series. You can find preview pictures in the announcement post here.

Next up for the guide

I’m not quite happy with the state of the Testing sections for each module in their current state and the New Game section needs expanding as well as a better section for more indepth testing. Troubleshooting and Known Issues pages are still missing (even though I have a list of stuff to add to them). And of course the Content module needs to be finally finished.

I intend to go ahead as planned and work on the Content module next since I’ve been promising it for so long. Everything else will need to come after.

I have to say – with every update the guide gets closer to where I want it to be and I’m amazed that such a large amount of people actually use it and are happy with the results even though I’m now sticking closer to my own preferences instead of trying to please everyone. Thanks everyone!

Also big thanks to Umgak in particular who single-handedly created all the patches for Vokrii. Raven once again kept record of all the SKSE-dependent mods and updated our list with Umgak updating the last two mods that were missing herself. Love you guys! ♥

Happy modding, everyone, and enjoy the summer!
– Phoenix