The Phoenix Flavour – Release 2.8

Welcome back, everyone!

It’s been a while since the last update – losing so much progress and rewriting the 2.7.1 update ate up much of energy, and then technical issues ensued which took a while to resolve. I’m happy to say that all is sorted out now and I’m back on track!

Whats new for the Visuals?

Plenty is, and I’m very happy to present you with yet another rework for that module! I realize that not everyone is going to be happy with what I did but for me to go forward with this guide, it was necessary. In many ways I’m still working on and refining the “concept” behind TPF and I feel like I’ve made significant progress. As always, all changes are documented in the Changelog.

1) Streamlined VISUALS.
There is now a single setup with no different options but plenty of optional mods. Of course graphics are highly subjective, and individual preference plays an important role, but for the guide to be as good as it can possibly be, I cannot take that into account. From now on The Phoenix Flavour is based on Obsidian Weathers, aiming for a solid upgrade over Vanilla graphics with mods carefully selected to complement each other.

2) Landscape Overhaul.
In an effort to improve performance and the blending of distant terrain, I have finally decided to switch to Landscapes – Cathedral Concept for the guide and base all other landscape-related mods around that. I have been critical of the Cathedral mods in the past, however it is indisputable that distant terrain and performance have never been better. After lots of testing and running around Skyrim, I believe this is the best option for the guide.

3) Appearance Overhaul.
This was a long time coming and honestly the main intent is to shut people up about two mods – CBBE and WICO. While I still don’t think CBBE is necessary and WICO is as much a pain that people make it out to be, I have now reworked the Appearance section to settle the discussion once and for all. CBBE is included but we are using the Vanilla body shape. This means support for all CBBE-based skin textures and potentially armor sets, and its improved body mesh, but no sexy/skimpy stuff. WICO was removed but will make its return alongside EEO later on in Additions.

4) ENBSeries Overhaul.
After neglecting this section for months, I’m very glad to finally have it up to par quality-wise with the rest of the guide. We are now using ENB Man to manage presets and I managed to write very easy and compact instructions so it shouldn’t be any trouble at all. The entire ENB page goes much more indepth now and covers many things that were missing so far.

Other changes

Beyond the rework for Visuals, there are also a number of updates for the remaining two modules. A number of instructions became outdated over the last couple weeks so they were updated. All modules had a load of mods added and removed, the final patches were updated, and some of the Resources pages improved.

Automaton / Mod Pack

Unfortunately we have not made any progress here. Before I finally managed to figure out the technical issues, I didn’t work on the guide at all so I haven’t even started yet with writing up the Automaton page. Since Hephaestus was reworked, Automaton needs an update as well and I believe it is not currently working with SSE so that would have to be sorted out before Nathan and I can move forward with a TPF pack.

Next up for TPF

Release 2.9: rework Finalisation pages, better integration of merging instructions, Mod Configuration page (finally!)
Release 3.0: hopefully a first release of the Content module

I will be trying to get back into my release schedule with updates on Saturday but no promises. There will also be a rework of the Gameplay section once EnaiSiaion releases his new perk overhaul, Vokrii, and kryptopyr publishes Complete Crafting Overhaul Redone for SSE. There are no release dates for either but Vokrii is imminent while CCOR will probably take a few months yet.

You can check the guide’s Trello page here. I’m not 100% sure how to structure it yet but I do use it to list mods that may be added in the future.

I’d like to take the time and thank everyone who contributed to this update in some way or another. We’ve had some fun discussions on Discord this past week and two incidents with very persistent trolls that ended up to be quite entertaining for most of us. Special shoutout to mnikjom, zDas, Umgak and Renngar as well as everyone else who kept me company on Discord and made me smile. Thank you all. ♥

Have a great day and happy modding!

– Phoenix