The Phoenix Flavour – Release 2.7

Welcome back, everyone, for the next guide update!

Which has been overdue for a while now. Last time, I mentioned a decline in motivation and that it’s probably nothing serious, but it turned out serious and I’ve been back to zombie-mode for the last couple weeks. This update is comparitively short and I’ve focused on updating / fixing instructions.

Summary of changes

As always, read the changelog for a detailed break-down.

1.) I have re-added a number of patches to the guide. Previously they were all merged into the Final Patches, causing people confusion and questioning the instructions. Just to clarify, if I don’t instruct you to download a specific file, it’s not an oversight, say 90% of the time. I’ve added more notes all over the guide to hopefully prevent people from getting confused. Another positive side-effect from re-adding the patches is that some more mods are now optional (and more can potentially become optional in the future).

2.) I removed the MESHES separator (yes, I know I just added it). We now keep the Skyrim Particle Patch at the top of the mod order. I also went and removed the numbers from the separators (which I also only just added, sue me). It’s not that much work to quickly sort them and I really disliked how they looked with the numbers.

3.)¬†So far I’ve updated the guide and its patches separately which I found more convenient but I’ve recently been asked to equalize version numbers and I can see how that would make the versioning scheme easier to understand for the end user. From now on they’ll have the same version name and I’m removing the Files page to put the changes documented there on the main Changelog page.

Updating from 2.6.1

Water Seams

There have been multiple cases of water seams – that is mismatched distant water – and most of them were caused by a wrong load order. It is imperative that the official Conflict Resolution Patches are loaded absolutely last. To fix those seams, you need to forward two records in xEdit. There is a tutorial (well, four pictures) on Discord (#faq channel) and if you need help with that, just ping me. THERE IS NO NEED TO REGENERATE DYNDOLOD.

Please note that Skyland Watercolor apparently causes some seams or makes them more pronounced.


The recent release of Automaton (and it’s connection to BelmontBoy’s Classic Skyrim mod pack ULTIMATE SKYRIM) has caused a good deal of controversy on the skyrimmods subreddit. My personal opinion is that Automaton is a brilliant solution to a – so far – unsolved problem and might finally enable true Skyrim mod packs. Right now it is still quite barebones with many features¬† planned.

To the drama surrounding it, I can only say that certain parts of the modding community love to throw themselves at anything that is simply new and condemn it for any reason they can come up with. The outrage is absolutely ridiculous and so is the entitlement of the mod authors demanding a way to exclude their mods from being used in Automaton mod packs. This is what killed Mod Picker. If you publish a mod on the Nexus, you cannot forbid anyone from sharing the link. And that’s what we’re talking about. Sharing the link.

As for whether or not Automaton could be used to turn TPF into a mod pack, the short answer is No or at least Not yet. Like I mentioned, the Automaton team is planning many more features and in its current state it cannot do much to simplify the guide installation beyond automatically downloading mods. I am certainly keeping an eye on its development and I will get in touch with the creators as well but for the time being I will not adapt it for the guide. That being said…

Nathan – whom you might know from Lexy’s LOTD team – has contacted me to let me know he’s working on a mod pack version of the TPF Core Module as proof-of-concept. I have agreed to collaborate with him and support the project on the website here with an alternative version of the Core module, utilising his Automaton pack. This is all very recent so don’t expect a release within the next couple days. For my part I have to say I’m honoured he chose TPF to create a pack from and looking forward to the collaboration!

And this is all I have for your with this update!

I realise it’s quite small and little progress overall was made, but I’m still not doing too great and maybe this will be the stepping stone to really get into working on the guide again. I do have a couple more exciting ideas planned and I’ll be back in a few days with a new blog post to talk about that.

Enjoy your Easter holidays if you do celebrate and, as always, happy modding!