The Phoenix Flavour – Release 2.6

Hey guys, welcome back to another weekly update for the guide!

With this update I have mostly worked on polishing the existing modules. I nuked my own installation and started from scratch, a process during which I discovered a bunch of errors in the guide, missing links or wrong FOMOD instructions. All that was fixed of course.

As always, you should check the changelog to see what exactly I worked on. For a summary, continue reading here.

Now up-to-date with the latest version of Skyrim SE

Ten days ago, Bethesda released another round of updates for Skyrim SE (1.5.73) and Fallout 4 with new Creation Club content. Fortunately, our mod authors were lightning-fast in updating their mods, especially the SKSE64 team who published version 2.0.15 within a few days.

That being said, there are three mods that still need updating and I temporarily removed from from the guide. Those are:

  • NET Framework and by extension all mods that depend on it:
    • Uninterrupted Invisibility
    • Uninterrupted Ethereal Form
    • Crafting Skill Leveling Overhaul
  • To Your Face
  • Armor Rating Redux

NET Framework will be updated when the author has time, meh321 confirmed that but warned that it might take a while. The author of Armor Rating Redux has also spoken up and confirmed that they will be working on an update. Unfortunately, To Your Face has not been updated in a long while and I will be bringing back No NPC Greetings – a plugin solution to the same problem, though not quite as elegant – to replace the mod if it’s not updated within the next couple days. This will then be in effect with the next update.

A note on the Creation Kit

Yes, they also updated the Creation Kit and this is an issue because CK Fixes so far has not been updated. Even just for re-saving mods CK Fixes has become so convenient that we will stick to the older version of the Creation Kit until an update is published. The guide instructions were updated accordingly. For existing setups, please check the updating instructions included in this post here.

Discord roles – Contributors

The Phoenix Flavour has been a one-woman-show since the very start and that won’t change anytime soon. However, there are a bunch of amazing people that work with me to fix the guide, test updates, troubleshoot and help out others on our Discord, and with that, they take a massive weight off my shoulders, allowing me to dedicate more time to the guide directly.

I started the Discord server about half a year ago and I’ve honestly been winging it the entire time. We have two ranks – Phoenix Team and Contributors – and while there was a difference at first, some of those that got the Team rank are no longer active while other Contributors are always around and helping out a lot.

For months I’ve tried to figure out a way to solve this situation without taking anyone’s rank away and honestly I believe it would be best if there was only one rank for everyone who’s helped out a while or who is still doing that. Sitting judge over who helped how much and deserves what rank is really, really not what I want to be doing.

Conclusion: Phoenix Team rank will be removed, everyone who has that rank right now will get Contributor. Please don’t be angry with me over this – it’s not that I don’t appreciate your help. I just need to clean things up a little, to make it easier for everyone to understand the roles system.

Dev access – testers and the WIP guide

As some of you probably noticed, there are different versions of the guide on different subdomains. The main guide is of course available on the main domain, There is also one called which I use for – you guessed it – the WIP version which then gets pushed to live. It essentially overwrites the version on the main domain with every update.

And finally I have which I created while playing with the idea of creating subdomains for different games. Right now I’ve got my hands full with Skyrim SE though, a Fallout 4 edition is so far off that I decided to drop that idea. However I do use that subdomain for testing, mainly to play around with the theme and try new stuff

Regular users – you should always, always be on the main domain. No exceptions. If you are using the WIP / update version, you will get no support.

Contributors – have access to the Development section on our Discord to discuss the WIP. The only one with direct access to the website is Faron.

Dev access – this rank is given to pretty much everyone who explicitly asks for it. The only requirement is that you agree to give feedback. Also grants access to the Dev section. You can use the update and test it on your system as well as discuss any changes or updates with me and the Contributors.

Potential mods – now on Trello

Trello is essentially a very sophisticated, digital corkboard for a team to work on together. Lexy uses it for her LOTD guide and I was encouraged to try it as well. For now, it’s only to track mods that could potentially be added to the guide.

Anyone with a Trello account can comment or vote on a card (= mod) and I encourage you to do so! Contributors will get full access.

Trello board for The Phoenix Flavour

Please note that the list for the Content section is quite short right now. That’s because it only includes mods that I’ve not 100% decided on adding yet and I’ll only start using Trello for that module once it’s actually available.

Updating an existing setup

As usual, updating is only supported for new games, not existing ones, blah blah…

  • Don’t update the Creation Kit! Don’t open the Bethesda Launcher or it will do so automatically. If you accidentally updated, you can download the previous version’s executable here.
  • Update SKSE. Delete the following files from your root directory:
    • skse64_1_5_62.dll
    • skse64_loader.exe
    • skse64_steam_loader.dll
  • Delete SKSE64 – Data 1.5.62 from Mod Organizer 2.
  • Download the latest version of SKSE64 – 2.0.15 – here.
  • Put the executable and DLL back into your root folder.
  • Extract the Data folder and zip it up to install it in MO2 (if you don’t remember how to do that, check Step 6.1.3 here.
  • Disable or delete the following mods:
    • NET Framework– not updated for 1.5.73
    • SSE Character Specular Fixpretty much everyone uses ENB anyway (which includes this fix)
    • Follower Trap Safetynot needed when using Nether’s Follower Framework
    • Uninterrupted Invisibility– requires NET Framework
    • Uninterrupted Ethereal Form– requires NET Framework
    • To Your Facenot updated for 1.5.73
    • Moon Glowdoesn’t play well with some ENB presets, replaced with simple retexture
    • Rudy HQ - Silverware for RUSTIC SILVERWAREreplaced with Medieval Silverware
    • Realistic Beverages HD – replaced with Medieval Spirits
    • Whose Quest Is It Anywayrequires Scaleform Plus Plus which breaks moreHUD
    • Armor Rating Redux– not updated for 1.5.73
    • Crafting Skill Leveling Overhaul– requires NET Framework
  • The following mods were added:
  • The following mods had their instructions changed:
    • updated Enhanced Texture Details FOMOD
    • now using Smoking Torches and Candles (the merged file instead of just the Torches module)
    • now using the full version ENB Lights including zEdit patcher, updated FOMOD instructions
    • updated Practical Female Armor FOMOD
    • updated Gemling Queen Jewelry FOMOD
    • updated WICO FOMOD
    • added FOMOD for the updated version of Brows
    • updated Improved Eyes Skyrim FOMOD
    • added FOMOD for the updated version of Beards
    • updated Veydosebrom FOMOD
    • added instructions to hide Majestic Mountains’
    • changed download instructions for Distinct Interiors, using the main file now
    • changed download instructions for moreHUD – Inventory Edition, using the loose files version now
    • changed download instructions for Improved Traps, you can download either main file now
    • updated XPMSE FOMOD
    • There is more but these are the most important changes.
  • Re-download the Skyrim Particle Patch (SSE version obviously). It’s hard to track its updates and I was running an outdated version myself for a while. Consider this a general PSA – update your Particle Patch!
  • Check Visuals, Step 13.5 for instructions on how to run the zEdit patcher for ENB Light.
  • Reinstall the separator packs. They were all updated and are numbered now.
  • I have also added a new MESHES separator (included in the Core separator pack).
  • Finally update your loadorder.txt, as always.
  • Please check the new Mod Order page to see where to place the new mods and what to put below the new separator.
  • Check the Changelog to see all changes.

What’s next?

I might just have had a bad couple of days, but I feel like my motivation is slowly tip-toeing away from me. Might be nothing. Might mean that I’ll go back to my hole for the next few weeks. Either way, I think I’m going to take a week off, meaning there will not be an update next Saturday. If everything goes according to plan – if I can fight off the next bout of depression – I’ll be back in two weeks.

Or maybe there will be tiny update for next Saturday. We will see.

On my list next up is finally finishing the last couple pages – New Game, Known Issues, Troubleshooting – before I start with the Content section at last.

And that’s it for this week. I’d like to – again – give my heart-felt thanks to Raven who has been tracking the updates for various SKSE-dependant mods for me on our Discord. Thanks, man!

Happy modding everyone. =)
– Phoenix