Quality of Life Update – The Thing with those Patches

Merging all plugins together for one single master patch seemed to be the hardest part of the guide. So I removed it.

How patches were handled

Up till now I was using the external patches made by other mod authors for the guide, adding to those my own CR patches to fix the remaining conflicts. This resulted in a large amount of individual ESPs that were quite tedious to sort correctly and cluttering your load order. All of them were ultimately merged together in a big master patch which proved to be less easy than I thought for many people.

What changed?

1. There are no more external patches.
This means you will no longer download patches from mod pages or check them in the FOMOD of other mods. All the patches you need will be included in the patch pack offered for each section.

2. All patches had the ESL flag added to them.
To circumvent the need for a big merge, all patches are now light plugins that do not count toward the plugin limit. You can add, remove or update patches at any time without having to re-merge them.

3. More mods are now optional.
Because I have control over how you select patches in my Patch Pack FOMOD, I can more easily make specific mods optional without adding potentially confusing instructions. So far there are five more mods in the VISUALS section that are now optional thanks to the new patches.

4. I can edit all patches directly for the guide.
Some plugins need to be re-saved, conflicts resolved, errors fixed or records removed. All these things will now be done by me instead of the end user.

Implementation progress

So far I have updated both CORE and VISUALS with the GAMEPLAY patch pack probably receiving its update in the first week(s) of January.

I hope these changes will make y'all's lifes easier. Happy new year everyone!
- Phoenix


    1. Phoenix

      There are additional instructions for some mods where you should now hide the plugin or skip installing certain patches. I would recommend going over the parts of the VISUALS section that you already installed and see if there are any changes like that. Otherwise you can proceed as normal and then install the new patch pack in the end. =)

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