Creation Club

Instructions for using the Creation Club profile in LOTF.

CC Support

If you own Creations or the full Anniversary Edition DLC, you have the option to add them to the LOTF CC profile. Be aware that not all Creations are supported yet. Creations will be located inside your default root folder and can be installed in Mod Organizer 2 like other mods.

To see which Creations are currently supported by LOTF, check the spreadsheet.

  • Navigate to \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\.

This folder should contain all Creations you own. You can recognise the ESPs and BSAs by the cc prefix in their names. If there are no Creations in this folder, you may need to update SSE or verify game files in Steam.

Anniversary Edition owners need to launch the game once through Steam. The Creations will then be downloaded. This should already have been done during the initial Installation.

If you do not own the Anniversary Edition DLC, you may need to download the Creations separately from the Creation Club. In order to access the Creation Club through the main menu, disable the mod ReCleaned Menu under the INTERFACE separator in MO2 (or simply launch the unmodded game through Steam).


Start Mod Organizer 2 and switch to the Legends of the Frost - Creation Club profile.

Swap MO2 Profile

Click the puzzle icon in the top icon bar and select Creation Organizer. Wait while all supported creations are imported into Mod Organizer 2. A new mod called [No Delete] Creation Club will show up at the bottom of your mod order (the left pane) containing all creations. It will be enabled by default and you are good to go!

Creation Organizer

Last modified May 25, 2022