Step 8 – Checkpoint 2


Launch Skyrim Performance Monitor now. Then launch the game.
Follow the instructions below.

  • Once you are in the main menu, open the console and type coc riverwood. Then hit Enter to confirm.
  • The loading screen coming up next might be a little longer than usual. In my case it was around 11 seconds (with SSD).

  • After spawning in Riverwood, simply go for a walk to Whiterun.
  • Enter the city and head over to Dragonsreach.
  • This should take around 8 minutes and give you an idea of how the game performs after adding a ton of retexture mods.

Once you have closed Skyrim, check SPM which you had running in the background. Especially the VRAM section at the bottom is interesting now considering the amount of new textures we just added. The graph at the top also displays how close your VRAM usage came to your VRAM limit. At this point you should have some wiggle room left (I would estimate at least 500MB).

If frame drops occured during testing and SPM shows that you were just below your VRAM limit, downsizing some textures and/or downloading lower resolution versions might help.

This is the hardware usage recorded on my system.