Step 5 – Checkpoint 1


Launch Skyrim Performance Monitor now. Then launch the game.
Spend at least 10 minutes in Skyrim to see if you like the visual changes you made so far.

  • To get started quickly, you can either
    • select NEW in the main menu and create a character in the AS LAL cell,
    • or open the console and type coc riverwood to immediately create a test character in everyone's favorite village.

  • Walk around, check the interiors. How do you like the lighting? Is it too bright or too dark?
  • Do you like the weathers? Wait a few hours so that it changes and see if you like sunny weathers as much as overcast ones!
  • Are foggy weathers impacting your frame rate? (This should only happen on low-end machines if at all.)
  • How dark is it outside at night? Again, is it too bright or too dark?
  • Type tmm 1 in the console to unlock all map markers and travel around Skyrim! Some locations worth checking out can be:
    • Whiterun valley
    • Sea of Ghosts, the shore and the cities of Dawnstar and Winterhold
    • Morthal and the surrounding swamp
    • the Rift - run along the road from Ivarstead to Riften

  • If you installed an ENB...
    • How many frames are you losing? Can you perhaps turn off some features to improve performance?
    • Do you like the aesthetics? In interiors? Outside? At night?

If you are unhappy with any of those aspects - now is the time to adjust, troubleshoot, change your ENB or switch to the other weather / lighting overhaul option!

After closing out of Skyrim, check your AVERAGE and MAXIMUM use of VRAM in the Skyrim Performance Monitor. Note the values down or take a screenshot. You will need them later on to compare.