11.1.1 Final Patch

  • Download the VISUALS – Conflict Resolution Patch from the guide’s mod page.
  • Place it below the CONFLICT RESOLUTION separator in Mod Organizer 2.

11.1.2 Load Order

  • Download Universal Load Order TXT manually from the guide’s mod page.
  • Open the archive and extract the loadorder.txt to Mod Organizer 2\profiles\{Your Profile}.
  • Overwrite when prompted.
  • Refresh (F5) Mod Organizer 2 and the load order changes will be applied.

After applying the loadorder.txt, the guide’s main patches should be at the bottom of your load order. If there are any plugins appearing below Conflict Resolution Patch – VISUALS.esp, something is wrong and you need to investigate. Common errors are choosing the wrong FOMOD option or not deleting a plugin when you’re instructed to.


Please note: Some of the plugins listed below to ESL-ify belong to optional mods. If you cannot find them in your load order, you probably skipped the mod they belong to and can disregard them.

If you are not sure how to add the ESL flag, check this page.

11.2.1 Instructions

  • Launch xEdit through MO2.
  • In the plugin selection window, just hit OK so that your full plugin list is loaded.
  • Click OK once more when asked about ModGroups.
  • Add the ESL-flag to the following plugins:
    • RealRainSE.esp
    • Obsidian Mountain Fogs.esp — compact formIDs
    • ENB Light.espcompact formIDs
    • Vanilla NPCs SSE Ruhmastered.esp
    • Improved Eyes Skyrim.espcompact formIDs
    • Brows.espcompact formIDs
    • Beards.esp compact formIDs
    • SkyrimImprovedPuddles-DG-HF-DB.esp compact formIDs
    • S3DSigns.esp compact formIDs
    • Whiterun Tower - Mesh Fix.esp
    • FranklyHDImperialWeaponsAndArmor.espcompact formIDs
    • GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp
    • ORM - Arvak.espcompact formIDs
    • Unique Barbas.esp compact formIDs
    • EVT_LightSnowTrees_Replacer (For Vurts).esp
    • Better Dynamic Snow.esp — compact formIDs
    • Better Dynamic Ash.esp
    • RSC CRF Patch.esp
    • BDS - MM Patch.esp
  • When done, close xEdit.
  • All plugins you ESL-ified should show up checked in the next window.
  • Click OK to save your changes.