Lightweight Grass Overhaul
by "The Community", JonnyWang13

Download and install:
- Lightweight Grass Overhaul - Landscapes - Terrain LOD - Cathedral Concept
- Really Blended Roads Patch <--- skip this if you're concerned about performance
- TerrainLOD Textures

Some notes

This mod hasn’t been included in this guide for a long while and there are multiple reasons for it.

1. The extraordinary claims it makes regarding “near-zero FPS loss” are misleading.
2. It includes Blended Roads (which is included as standalone in this guide) plus other features that go beyond a grass overhaul’s scope.
3. I personally do not like it visually at all. Yeah, this is a thing.

All in all this messes up my order for installing mods, forces me to add notes to Blended Roads (“don’t install this IF”) and add specific instructions for LOD generation. Additionally, it needs to be placed with the Late Loaders, defying my own mod order system.

This is a special snowflake that messes up a lot of this guide’s flow. It is only included because there are quite a few people asking for it. So here you go.

Yes, I am salty.

Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
by code1k

Download and install the main file.