Check for old form version

This is just a quick idiot check to make sure all your plugins are updated to form version 44.

  • Launch SSEEdit through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Click OK when the plugin selection window comes up to select all plugins.
  • Click OK again when asked about mod groups.
  • Wait until xEdit returns Background loader: finished.
  • Right-click any one of the plugins and select Apply script.
  • Select the Check for old form version script (you can search by typing the name in Filter).
  • Click OK.

Final Adjustments

  • Go through your mod order once again. Are there any optional mods you’d rather not use for your upcoming playthrough? Disable them now! To check which mods are optional, you can use the Mod Order page as reference.
    • Please note that some optional mods may now be masters for any of the patchers so you will need to leave them enabled.
    • If you want to disable any tree- or landscape-related mods, you will have to rerun DynDOLOD.
  • Has there been a Skyrim update recently? If so, SKSE64, the mods depending on it as well as the guide may receive an update shortly and it may be worth it to wait a week or two for everything to catch up before diving into the game.
    • Also keep an eye on my blog or our Discord server in case a major update for the guide or a mod is imminent.

Preliminary Testing

Before you start a new character, you should take the time to test your setup with a temporary save (and make adjustments if necessary).

  • Test the game’s performance and whether your FPS are steady at 60 in all places. It may be worth it to drop 3D LOD and / or some of the more intense ENB settings (such as Prepass, DoF or AO) in order to stabilise your framerate.
  • If you are unhappy with your current ENB preset (toggle it on / off to see the difference), replace it with a different one via ENB Man (find instructions and other Cathedral Weathers-compatible presets here).

Once you have made sure you are happy with your setup, it’s time to dive into the game. Finally!

Run SKSE through MO2 and select NEW in the main menu.


After starting a new game, you will be dropped in the Alternate Start – Live Another Life cell where you can customize your character, then configure your mods before you actually start playing.

Depth of Field

  • Press ESCAPE and go into Settings > Display.
  • Turn down Depth of Field all the way to disable the general effect without disabling underwater blur.

Wildcat – Configuration Power

Module: Gameplay

While Wildcat (the main combat overhaul) does come with a fantastic MCM, it also adds a (for SkyUI users) completely redundant lesser power for configuration purposes to your character. In order to remove it, you need to click your way through all its options until the very last one (simply select all the default options) and finally you can opt to remove the power from the menu. Customise the mod later on through the MCM.

Visible Favorited Gear – Configuration Power

Module: Gameplay (optional)

Open your powers menu, equip the Visible Favorited Gear power and use it. Click Toggle On to enable the effect.


Thanks to SkyUI, it is possible to configure most mods directly through their Mod Configuration Menu – or MCM for short – which you can access through the main menu. Hit ESCAPE and select Mod Configuration. See recommended changes for most of the guide’s MCMs below.

Cathedral Weathers

Module: Visuals

First up, I recommend disabling the Configuration Spell to remove it from your powers menu. You can customise everything here in the MCM. All other options come down to taste – personally I change some of the World View settings (Vivid to 2, Cold to 4). Play around with them later when you’re actually in the world of Skyrim to find a combination you like.

Diverse Dragons Collection

Module: Gameplay

By simply opening the MCM once, the mod will recognise that you have SKSE + SkyUI installed and automatically removes its configuration tool from your powers menu.

GIST Soul Trap

Module: Gameplay (optional)

This mod – while focusing on bug fixes and soul gem multithreading – comes with some very nifty level requirement options. If you like, you can set level requirements for each of its special features as well as the for capturing of each tier of souls. Toggle and adjust this system in the Leveling tab.

Nether’s Follower Framework

Module: Gameplay

The MCM for NFF is massive but there is only one option you absolutely need to adjust.

  • In the first tab, Activity, set Mount Support to No Support.
    • This feature is overlaps with Immersive Horses which also takes care of followers and their mounts.
  • You can also disable the Command Followers ability in the Systems tab to further de-clutter your power menu.
    • This is optional and simply a personal preference.

Timing Is Everything

Module: Gameplay (optional)

Another large MCM, and one you should configure now, at the start of the game as it affects many quests that start very early on in Vanilla. I’ve personally increased the Dawnguard level requirements to 30+ and set Dragonborn to start only after Alduin’s defeat but this is all down to your preferences and plans for this playthrough.

Thanks to the FISSES support, it is also possible to load, save and share custom presets through the MCM (Extra Options tab).


Module: Gameplay (optional)

  • Under Melee, enable Player Killmove Immunity.
    • Killcams against the player character often trigger and kill you even if you could have survived the hit HP-wise.
  • If you like, you can also disable Killmoves entirely (Melee and / or Ranged).

Wildcat Combat

Module: Gameplay

  • Personal recommendation: Disable Injuries.

Once you’re done configuring everything, save the game manually. Then talk to the Statue of Mara, select one of the options (vanilla start is possible, too) and interact with the bed in the corner to truly start your playthrough.