So you decided to give The Phoenix Flavour a shot. Welcome!

Before we jump into the actual guide, here are some things we need to clear up first:

  • Have you read the Getting Started page? If you haven’t, now is a good time to go back and check it out!
  • As you can see in the top navigation menu, there are many steps to complete. Don’t let that intimidate you! After each module you will be given the chance to test your game and move away from the guide to continue on your own. Just keep in mind that you need all modules for a full overhaul.
  • Please wait until after you finished and tested your setup before adding more mods. Otherwise you will not be guaranteed to receive support on our Discord should you need it.


  • Skyrim Special Edition from Steam (updated to the latest version)
  • a legit Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 installation (64bit)
  • editing software such as Notepad++ (recommended Freeware)
  • an archiving tool like 7zip or WinRAR
  • latest drivers for your GPU (NVIDIA or AMD)


In case you never used Mod Organizer 2 before, I highly recommend you take the time and watch GamerPoet’s tutorial on Mod Organizer 2 – Mods & Management (linked below). This will help you greatly in understanding the guide’s instructions.


In order to keep all files related to modding SSE in one place, we will create a dedicated directory. It will server as hub for all tools, downloaded mod archives, custom mods or patches, notes, backups, screenshots, and so on.

Throughout the guide I will refer to this folder as {Your Modding Folder}.

  • Create a new folder anywhere on a hard drive with lots of space – like an External USB 3.0 drive or a secondary Internal HDD.
  • Name it whatever you want, e.g. Skyrim SE Modding and create several more new folders inside (see below).
  • For now this is all there is to do – we will come back later.


  • You are not required to install all mods. Optional mods are clearly marked with the (optional) tag and can be skipped.
  • Instructions are mandatory unless they are clearly marked as optional.
  • Many instructions are quite brief but link to a general, but more in-depth tutorial. Ideally you will learn those procedures after repeating them a few times so that you no longer need to check the details.
  • Before installing any mods, you will be instructed to set up some separators that will show up in MO2 and mirror the guide’s sections. Each step of the guide starts with an indication below which separator you need to place the following mods.


The root folder: Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition
The data folder: Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data

This is an important distinction that you will need to remember.