So you decided to give The Phoenix Flavour a shot. Welcome!

First published in 2017, The Phoenix Flavour is a veteran among Skyrim SE guides. Over the past years it has slowly evolved into a full grown guide and made a name for itself as being easy to follow and thorough all around. It transitioned from a modular guide with too many ideas into a more streamlined approach. Thanks to the contributions of some incredibly talented and helpful people, we now feature more than 500 mods that work flawlessly together!

Please take a minute to read through this Introduction and a rundown of our features. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to a list of other Skyrim SE modding guides that you should check out before you settle on The Phoenix Flavour. Good luck!


Even if you just bought Skyrim SE and never touched mods before – you will be fine! In fact, following a guide will greatly help you find your way in this maze of rabbit holes that is modding Skyrim, and teach you more than just the basics.

However I do highly recommend you to take the time to read my Beginner’s Guide (or at least the Modding Basics section it includes). Do not hesitate to ask questions on our Discord server either – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Vanilla Plus
The guide covers hundreds of mods across forty-two categories, all carefully selected to fit our vision of a lore-friendly, improved but not radically changed Skyrim. We strive to provide a solid upgrade of the vanilla experience with additional content and modern visuals.

With detailed instructions written to be as detailed and easily understandable as possible as well as plenty of pictures, additional notes and explanations, The Phoenix Flavour is perfectly suited for beginners and requires no previous modding knowledge or experience.

Custom Patches
A hand-made conflict resolution patch is provided at the end of each module and you are required to use it unless you are capable of constructing your own. In order for it to work you must follow the guide properly and install all mods marked as required.

In order to account for differences in taste among our users, a large amount of mods were marked as optional and are not required to be installed. Other mods come with extensive customisation options usually provided through ingame Mod Configuration Menus. Beyond that we offer a list of additional compatible mods as well as alternative setups for guide mods in a dedicated section of the guide.

The Phoenix Flavour was created for gameplay not screen-archery and will for most people deliver solid results on a 1080p resolution. For higher resolutions, better hardware is required. Through INI tweaks, reasonable texture resolutions, a performance-friendly grass overhaul as well as optional ENB installation and the choice to use low settings in DynDOLOD will allow you to tweak your game until you reach a stable 60FPS.


Guide is based on Obsidian Weathers with Luminosity and Relighting Skyrim, as well as Cathedral Landscapes and Enhanced Vanilla Trees.

Many retexture mods are included to overwrite the base consisting of Skyrim Realistic Overhaul, Static Mesh Improvement Mod and Noble Skyrim.

Distant Level of Detail (LOD)
DynDOLOD is included and mandatory. 3D tree LOD generated by default, though instructions for regular tree LOD are also available.

Body Replacer
The guide is built around Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE).

Perk Overhaul
Currently none. Planning to include a merge of Adamant and Vokrii in the future.

Based on Wildcat, very customisable. Both vanilla difficulty as well as lethal, fast-paced combat is possible.

Loot and Rarity
While the guide no longer includes Morrowloot Ultimate, its concept are still there. You will find no equipment of the glass type or better as random loot.

New Companions
The custom-voiced companions of the (arguably) highest quality are included: Inigo and Lucien.

“DLC-sized” mods
None included.

“Needs” mods
None included.


The Phoenix Flavour is built using the most advanced, feature-rich mod manager out there: Mod Organizer 2, a tool vastly superior to both the out-dated Nexus Mod Manager as well as the newer Vortex.

In addition to MO2, we will routinely utilise the official Creation Kit as well as SSEEdit, zEdit and the Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Over the course of the guide you will be provided with detailed instructions for all these tools (and more) in order to teach you how and when to use them correctly.

Warning: This guide neither supports nor recommends LOOT and you should not use it at any point on a TPF installation.


All mods are loaded in the order they are install in with few exceptions. To keep our mod order neat and tidy, the guide comes with sets of pre-configured separators for Mod Organizer 2 and it is noted in each step where to place the next mods.

The load order – the order in which our plugins are loaded – is controlled by a loadorder.txt file which you simply need to apply for your profile to automatically sort your plugins in the correct order.


The Phoenix Flavour is only one of several modding guides for SSE. Full modding guides usually contain a list of 400+ mods, selected and edited to transform the game a certain way. Like most mod lists, they are typically based on a specific mod or set of mods that function as cornerstone to define the world and gameplay.

Naturally, some are of higher quality than others and all are tailored to the author’s preferences to a certain degree. To help you find the guide that best fits your tastes I have assembled a list of up-to-date Skyrim SE modding guides as well as my opinions of them. You can find it here. Please take a look before you decide whether or not to proceed with The Phoenix Flavour.