15.1.1 Overwrite Cleanup, Pt 1

  • Double-click your Overwrite.
  • Drag the new SSEEdit Cache folder into the “mod” where you keep the refcache files.
  • Delete all other files left in the Overwrite.

15.1.2 Ingame

  • Launch SKSE through MO2.
  • Once in the main menu, select NEW or load your previous test save (from Visuals).
  • Spend at least 10 minutes ingame before you exit again.

15.1.3 Overwrite Cleanup, Pt 2

Back in MO2, you may be notified about “files in your Overwrite”. Depending on the mods you installed, there will be different files but you can usually tell from the file name which mod they belong to.

It may be helpful to right-click the Overwrite and select Open in Explorer, then open the Mod Organizer 2\mods directory as well and move the files manually into the appropriate folders. Be sure to keep the file path intact (eg if in your Overwrite there is a file under SKSE\Plugins, make sure to create those folders in the mod folder to where you move the file).

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