We were previously unable to properly install two mods by SomethingObscure – Obscure’s College of Winterhold in Step 15 and Misc College of Winterhold Tweaks in Step 29 – because the FOMOD options required the matching plugins to be available in the load order. These plugins are now in your load order and thus we can install the mods.


  • Find Obscure’s College of Winterhold in your mod order, right-click it and select Reinstall.
  • In the FOMOD installer, the correct options will already be pre-selected however you need to disable the Quests Are In Skyrim patch (already included in the guide’s Conflict Resolution Patch).
  • Otherwise change nothing, press Next and Install, then Replace.


  • Find Misc College of Winterhold Tweaks in your mod order, right-click it and select Reinstall.
  • Scroll down to change the following:
    • The Early Elementalist: None
  • Simply click Install and the now unlocked additional options will be installed.


  • Download the Conflict Resolution Patch from the guide’s Nexus page.
  • Install it as usual and place it last below the PATCHES separator.


  • Download the Universal Load Order TXT from the guide’s Nexus page.
  • Open the archive and extract the loadorder.txt to Mod Organizer 2\profiles\The Phoenix Flavour.
  • Restart Mod Organizer 2 and the changes will be applied.

Note: The pre-made TXT will arrange your plugins exactly like the way they are sorted in my personal setup. This is much faster than adjusting the load order manually or setting up LOOT with custom rules.

Important: After applying the loadorder.txt and restarting MO2, there should be no plugins below Conflict Resolution Patch.esp in the load order (right pane). If there are plugins, you either made a mistake during the mod installation or a mod was updated and the loadorder.txt is not accounting for it yet. In this case please join us on Discord and post your link in the #request-support channel.


MO2 has inbuilt functionality that checks for plugins with Form 43 (Skyrim LE plugins that have not been re-saved in the Creation Kit). If any are detected, the Notifications icon in MO2 will no longer be greyed out.

  • Open the Notifications window and check its contents.
  • Any plugins that are listed must be re-saved in the Creation Kit now.


While at this point many installed plugins are already flagged as ESL (ESP-Lite) and we are not exceeding the maximum of 255 ESP+ESM plugins, there are several more plugins that may easily be flagged as ESL in order to save more plugin slots. This entirely removes the necessity of merging some plugins together.

  • Run SSEEdit through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Click OK in the plugin selection window to load all your mods.
  • Wait until SSEEdit has finished loading up your plugins and returns Background loader: finished.
  • Right-click UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp in the left pane (near the bottom) and select Compact FormIDs for ESL.
  • A warning window will pop up, click Yes, I’m absolutely sure.
  • Another warning will inform you that there are indeed FormIDs to renumber. Click Yes.
  • The process itself takes a mere second. When it’s done, switch back to the View tab at the bottom to see the plugin’s file header.
  • Right-click the empty space to the right of Record Flags and select Edit.
  • In the next window, check only ESL and click OK.
  • The plugin is now successfully flagged as ESL! Don’t close SSEEdit yet.

Note: Plugins that contain no new records (with new FormIDs) and only edit existing records (from the official master files or other mods) do not need to have FormIDs renumbered. When you attempt to renumber them, a window will pop up informing you that there was Nothing to do.


You will now need to repeat the process for a handful of other mods, most of which will not need their FormIDs renumbered. The plugins to ESL-ify are listed below. Simply add the ESL flag to each of them and don’t forget to renumber FormIDs first for those that need it.

  • QuestsAreInSkyrimUSSEP.esp
  • Improved Snow – Obsidian Weathers.esp
  • EVT_LightSnowTrees_Replacer (For Vurts).esp
  • GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp
  • Miscellaneous Quests…as Miscellaneous Quests.esp
  • UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp
  • UniqueBorderGates-All-BetterDGEntrance.esp — compact FormIDs
  • CFTO – Arthmoor Danwstar Patch.esp
  • RDO – CRF + USSEP.esp


After flagging all listed plugins as ESL, close SSEEdit. A window will come up asking you to save your changes. Make sure all ESL-ified plugins are listed and checked, then click OK.


In Step 41 we installed Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) which is a tool used to add custom animations to Skyrim. It is required by XPMSSE and needs to be run on our mod order before it is properly installed.

  • Open the Executables window in Mod Organizer 2 (Tools > Executables or CTRL + E).
  • Click the tiny blue plus icon and select Add from file.
  • Navigate to Mod Organizer 2\mods\Fores New Idles in Skyrim\tools and double-click GenerateFNISforUsers.exe.
  • Optional: Rename the tool in MO2 (change Title to Generate FNIS).
  • Click OK.


  • Run FNIS through Mod Organizer 2.
  • In the window that opens up, check the following boxes at the bottom:
    • GENDER Specific Animations
    • SKELETON Arm Fix
  • Click Update FNIS Behaviour to generate the new files.
  • Wait until FNIS confirms that animations were succesfully included, then close the window.
  • If asked to create a Desktop shortcut, click Cancel.


After running FNIS, all generated files will be located inside the MO2 Overwrite.

  • Right-click the Overwrite located at the bottom of your mod order.
  • Select Create Mod, enter FNIS Output as the name and click OK.
  • Check the mod in your mod order and drag it below the PATCHER OUTPUT separator.