6.1.1 Download

  • Download SKSE64. You need build 2.0.16 for the current version of The Phoenix Flavour.

If on the main page for SKSE there is a different version number than the one noted above, Skyrim and the Script Extender were likely updated and you need to download the previous version from the archive page here. Be sure to download the skse64 version.

6.1.2 Installation, Pt 1

  • Extract the archive’s contents to {Your Modding Folder}\temp.
  • Move the following three files into your Skyrim root folder:
    • skse64_skyrim version number.dll
    • skse64_loader.exe
    • skse64_steam_loader.dll
  • You can delete the remaining loose files (readme and whatsnew) and also the src (source code) folder.

6.1.3 Installation, Pt 2

  • Right-click the Data folder and select Add to archive. Rename the archive to something like:
    • SKSE64 - Data v2.0.x
  • Switch to Mod Organizer and click here to install the new mod.
  • Navigate to your temp folder and double-click the new archive (picture) to add it as a mod in MO2.
  • Move it below the ESSENTIAL MODS separator and activate it.
  • You can now delete the folder and archive in your temp folder.


6.2.1 Add SKSE64 Launcher to MO2

  • Click on this icon to open the executable configuration.
  • In case MO2 has not pointed SKSE at the skse64_loader.exe in your root folder yet, do this now by clicking on the button next to Binaries (picture).

From now on you will always run Skyrim SE by launching the SKSE Loader through Mod Organizer 2.

6.2.2 The SKSE.ini

6.2.3 Verify that SKSE is installed correctly

To test whether SKSE64 is now working as intended, select the SKSE64 Launcher in the drop-down menu and hit Run. Once you are in the main menu, open the console by pressing the key above TAB, next to 1 on your keyboard — should be ~ or ^ — and type:


Once you hit Enter, it should return the latest version number. To quickly close the game, just type qqq in the console and hit Enter.