Next we are going to install Bethesda’s official modding tool, the Creation Kit, or CK for short. It is important to note that – just like the game itself – the CK was updated for the 64bit engine and is now commonly referred to as CK 2.0 or CK64.

Additionally, it can no longer be acquired directly from Steam but must be downloaded via the Bethesda Launcher which in turn requires a Bethesda account, unfortunately. Even if you don’t plan to start creating mods yourself anytime soon you should absolutely install the CK as it is also used for ‘re-saving’ – porting plugins from Classic Skyrim to the Special Edition.

2.1.1 Bethesda Launcher

  • Go to and scroll all the way down to the footer to the Bethesda Launcher download.
  • Let the executable guide you through the installation process.
  • When that is done, you must log-in with your account or register a new one.
  • Once you’re logged in, you will see two CK icons in the left icon bar
  • Make sure you select the white one (picture).
  • The CK should be installed directly into your Skyrim SE directory (picture).
  • Wait for the files to download

2.1.2 Disable Auto Update

To be able to better control when the Creation Kit updates, disable automatic updates.

  • Go to Game Options and toggle off Auto Update (picture).
  • Then close the Bethesda Launcher.

2.1.3 Rolling back to the previous version

  • Download the executable of the previous version here, extract it into your root folder and overwrite.
    • The author of CK Fixes (an essential mod for doing literally anything in the Creation Kit) has not and does not intend to update his mod for the latest version. For that reason we will stick to the previous version of the Creation Kit (which works with CK Fixes).
  • From now on, you can launch the CK directly from the root folder (or via Mod Organizer 2).


It’s Bethesda, what did you expect?

2.2.1 Custom INI

2.2.2 Creation Kit Fixes

  • Download SSE CreationKitFixes (CK64 Fixes Release 1.x) from the Nexus
  • Extract the contents of the archive into your root folder as well.
  • Overwrite if prompted.


2.3.1 Instructions

  • Navigate to your root folder and launch CreationKit.exe from there.
  • After a moment you will be asked to unpack the (an archive containing all vanilla scripts).
  • Click Yes.
  • Once that is done you can close the Creation Kit again.

Note: While this is not really necessary if you never plan to tinker with the scripts and their source, it does no harm either and stops the CK from constantly asking you whether you want to unpack them.