There is only a single, small patch for the CORE module.

12.1.1 Instructions

  • Download the Core – Conflict Resolution Patch from the guide’s mod page
  • Place it below the PATCHES separator in Mod Organizer 2.


  • Download my universal plugins.txt manually from the guide’s mod page.
  • Open the archive and extract the plugins.txt to Mod Organizer 2\profiles\%YOURPROFILE%.
  • Overwrite when prompted.
  • Refresh (F5) Mod Organizer 2 and the load order changes will be applied.


Please double-check that the LATE LOADER and MESHES sections in your mod order looks exactly as shown below.

12.3.1 Late Loader

  • PapyrusUtil
  • JContainers
  • FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts
  • Modern Brawl Bug Fix

12.3.2 Meshes

  • Skyrim Particle Patch
  • Reduced Glow FX


This is just a quick idiot check to make sure all your plugins are updated to form version 44.

12.4.1 Instructions

  • Launch SSEEdit through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Click OK when the plugin selection window comes up to select all plugins.
  • Click OK again when asked about mod groups.
  • Wait until xEdit returns Background loader: finished.
  • Right-click anywhere and select Apply script.
  • Select the Check for old form version script (you can search by typing the name in Filter).
  • Click OK.


If you take a look at your load order now, you will notice how a number of the plugin-only fix mods are now conveniently grouped together. In this next step we will merge them together into a single ESP using zMerge.

12.5.1 Plugins to merge

Here is the list of the plugins we will merge together. Please note that they are all optional so you may be missing some of them depending on the choices you made. Simply merge those together that you did install.

  • sandboxcylinderheight.esp
  • Move it Dammit - Less Wait Time and Follow Me Closer.esp
  • No More Standing Too Close SSE 1-0.esp
  • NARC SE for Vanilla.esp
  • Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback.esp
  • dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
  • Dawnguard Dont Hunt Cured Vampires.esp
  • Don'tTalkWithYourMouthFull.esp
  • ChargeDialogueFix.esp
  • RaceScaleDisabled.esp
  • roadsidethief_simple_armor.esp
  • Random Encounter Tweaks.esp
  • DawnguardVampireAttackFix.esp
  • ImperialSoldiersEscortFix.esp
  • SparklesSE.esp
  • Runandwalkpaces.esp
  • MannequinStayPut.esp

12.5.2 Merging Instructions

  • Launch zEdit through Mod Organizer 2 (picture).
  • Select zMerge (picture) and click Start Session.
  • Click Create Merge.
  • In the Details tab, enter the following:
    • Name: Fixes [Merged]
    • Filename: Fixes_Merged.esp
  • In the Plugins tab, select all merge-able fix plugins that you have in your load order (picture).
  • Click Build Merges and wait for zMerge to complete the process.
  • Close zMerge once it says All Done.

12.5.3 Activate the Merge

  • Refresh (F5) Mod Organizer 2 and the new merge will appear at the bottom of your load order.
  • Place your new merge here in the mod order and activate it.
  • Move the plugin here.
  • The plugins you merged together were disabled automatically. You’re done!


Now it’s time for a test launch to ensure that the game runs as intended.

  • Select SKSE from MO2’s executable drop-down menu.
  • Hit Run.
  • Once in the main menu, bring up the console by pressing the key above TAB (^ or ~).
  • Enter the following:
    • coc riverwood
  • A loading screen will follow after which you will find yourself transported to Riverwood with a test dovahkiin to run around with.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes ingame before you exit again.

Testing To Do List

  • Is the game performing as expected? You should have stable 60FPS on all but the most low-end systems.
    • If you increased your frame cap, is the game capped at the correct value?
  • Does turning the camera feel smooth?
    • If not, you might want to adjust Look Sensitivity in the options (Settings > Gameplay)
  • Any stuttering or screentearing? Try a different way of capping your frame rate and forcing VSYNC.
  • Are you experiencing motion sickness?
    • Increase the FOV.