Gameplay – Open Alpha

Managing the modular patches gave me something of an existential crisis, but it's all sorted out and in order now. Phew! I present to you... the Gameplay section.

Please consider this an 'Open Alpha' of sorts. Most conflicts should be sorted out at this point and the game definitely launches without issues, but I have not been testing any further yet. Over the coming days, my beta and I will go through some extensive ingame testing plus I now have a small group of kind, nitpicky people to help smooth out the rough edges. Before I do anything else, I would like to thank Faron, MandyM and kiOmen. You guys rock!

The more people install and play the Gameplay section now, the more feedback I can collect to improve it. I appreciate any and all constructive comments, corrections and suggestions. <3



As I had expected, creating a modular Gameplay guide was fairly complex, but I managed to make all but five mods optional. These five required mods are:

  • Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  • Even Better Quest Objectives
  • Morrowloot Ultimate
  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim

Yes - Morrowloot Ultimate is required. It is the primary balancing mod around which all others are centered. In my opinion its implementation of a deleveled world hits the sweet spot between "realistic" and user-friendly. On top of that the changes to loot are wonderfully lore-friendly and help a good deal with the inflated economy of Skyrim. Said economy is further improved by kryptopyr's amazing Trade & Barter which - among other things - adjusts prices based on your race, status and relationship to the seller. Other aspects are improved by Skepmanmod's Economy Overhaul and Enchanting Adjustments. Leveling is slowed by 50% through the Skyrim Skill Uncapper. With Spell Perk Restrictions, you will no longer be able to cast a spell from a magic school that you don't have the respective perk for - now you actually have to invest into the mage perk trees if you want to use spells at all. You also need to invest in more magicka if you play as a mage - with Simple Magic Rebalance you will need to rely on a large magicka pool as your spells grow stronger and more devastating.

You get the idea, right?

Now the two things that I prioritized were to have both a comparatively small and light-weight as well as an extensively customizable collection of mods. This was achieved through picking mods with subtle rather than intrusive changes that featured detailed MCMs. Take the combat section for example - it is made up of a total of 8 mods plus 5 more that are being merged. All of them are optional. Whether you want NPCs and yourself to be (realistically) deadly or (RPG-like) damage sponges is entirely up to as you can customize the multipliers for any difficulty setting in the Wildcat MCM. There you can also toggle additional little mechanics to spice up combat: a light injury system, timed blocks, and so on.With Armor Rating Redux you can define how your survivability and the amount of damage you take should increase as you progress to higher levels. For a bunch of other small and on-the-fly changes, just use the Simply Balanced MCM to tweak different factors, percentages and multipliers.



So I had that little poll going in which I asked whether you guys think creating a Discord server for the guide would make sense. As of right now, 27 of 32 people think that a Discord server could be helpful, so I'll make the one I share with my little team public. Feel free to ask any questions, leave suggestions or just generally come over to chat a little anytime! I've been talking people through some of the more confusing processes over Discord so far and there hasn't been an issue we couldn't solve yet. =)

Join us on Discord!

I will see you there - cheers!
- Phoenix

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