About Welcome to Paradise for Fallout 4.


Welcome to Paradise (WTP) is a lightweight Wabbajack mod list for Fallout 4. Mods were selected to improve existing parts of the game rather than outright replacing them, although some aspects were edited more heavily than others. The setup was built with gameplay-friendly performance in mind and can run at a stable 60FPS @1440p on reasonably modern hardware.

WTP comes with an extensive documentation (of which you are reading the Introduction right now) and you are expected to read all pages in the Installation section as well as the Mod Config page.

Check out DroppedIceCream’s amazing showcase for WTP:

State of the List

As of the release of WTP 2.0 in December 2021, the list is back in active developement.

About the name

Up until release 1.3, the list was simply called “The Phoenix Flavour for Fallout 4” or occasionally just “Phoenix Fallout”. This was primarily because yours truly lacked the creativity to come up with a proper name in time for the public release. But a little over a month later I figured one out after all:

Welcome to Paradise is a beautiful song by Aviators, an American indie musician whose work I’ve loved for many years. The song was written specifically for Fallout 4. He wrote two more Fallout songs, Apocalypse State of Mind and my personal favourite Remains which has enjoyed a permanent spot in many of my playlists for years (unfortunately it wouldn’t have made for a fancy list name). All three of his Fallout songs are on the album Stargazer which you can get on Bandcamp!

WTP Features

  • Moderately improved visuals while retaining a high frame rate with Lightweight Lighting and Spectrum ENB.
  • Thanks to the Previsibines Repair Pack, performance exceeds vanilla in some areas, especially when the ENB is disabled.
  • Custom texture packs made up of handpicked retextures and packaged into BA2s for better performance.
  • Adventure with Dogmeat and one other companion as originally intended by Bethesda.
  • Customise your pip-boy with new paint jobs and upgrade your vault suit as you progress through the main quest.
  • Many custom file edits and patches for a coherent experience.
  • VIS-based sorting overhaul with a custom keywords resource.
  • Modern interface with (almost) the full FallUI suite.
  • Simple implementation of crafting stations with support for included mods.
  • Faster workshop system with better object placement and new stuff to build.
  • Power armors are more rare. Paint and material mods were split.
  • Custom, high-quality terrain and object LOD generated with xLODGen.
  • Detailed instructions for the initial setup as well as ingame configuration.
  • Support for one (1) creation: fadingsignal’s Modern Military Backpack.
  • Detailed instructions for enabling ultrawide (21:9) compatibility.

Not Included

If you are looking for any of the following features, Welcome to Paradise may not be the mod list for you:

  • Significant visual changes.
  • Silent protagonist.
  • More difficult combat.
  • Survival mode.
  • Nudity or spicy NSFW content.
  • New quest mods.
  • Mods that vastly differ from the vanilla experience.
  • Full Creation Club support.

What is Wabbajack?

Due to the lack of sharing permissions for the vast majority of mods, traditional mod packs do not exist for Bethesda games. However, with Wabbajack it is possible to recreate one user’s mod list on another’s computer without redistributing any of the mod files. For more information, please check out the Wabbajack website or join the official Discord server.

Using Wabbajack is much easier than following a manual installation guide but it doesn’t absolve you from reading.

While WTP was made for regular gameplay, a somewhat modern PC is required to run the setup comfortably. This is due to the bad optimisation of the vanilla game as much as the included mods. Keep in mind that the game will perform much better on 1080p than on 1440p or higher resolutions.

You can see the details of my old setup below, sufficient for playing at 1440p with stable 60FPS. Note that having 6GB VRAM or more is highly recommended for good performance.

CPUIntel i5 7600K @4.2GHz, hybrid-cooled
GPUEVGA GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition (8192MB VRAM)
RAMCorsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4-3200 Memory
SSD 1Samsung EVO 850 Series 256GB SSD (OS)
SSD 2Samsung EVO 860 Series 1000GB SSD (Games)
MonitorLG 27GL850-B UltraGear 1440p @144Hz

I have since upgraded to an i7 10700k and a RTX 3080 which are certainly NOT required to play WTP at a stable frame rate.

Get started with the Installation now.

Last modified April 12, 2024