I recently started a Buy Me A Coffee page for this guide and was blown away by the financial support I received. You can read more on that in my blog post here.


I have the domain ( running via Namecheap, at 11,38€/year.

With the money donated so far, I will be able to transfer to Namecheap for hosting as well. I'll be going with the Stellar plan which, among other things, features 3 MySQL databases, meaning I'll be able to have the main page up there and use a subdomain for another dev version of the website to push updates immediately and without downtime. The costs are 13,54€ for the first year and 27,08€ for all subsequent years.

And lastly I'm going to treat myself to a premium theme, Avas, which will cost another $19. It has an inbuilt Mega Menu which I've been wanting since forever for the guide.

It turns out it was worth it to continue my research on premium WordPress themes. At $59, Jupiter X is a great deal more expansive, but holy shit does it bring a range of features. The issue I have with pretty much all themes I looked at was that they were geared towards a specific purpose and Modding Guides wasn't one of them. Jupiter X is stupidly customizable and I'm itching to get my hands on it for some unique new layouts made for a modding guide.

The website costs for 2019 are already 100% covered by the wonderful people who donated. Thank you!

With the remaining money, I'll get myself enough coffee to finish the Content section. What's left will be saved for a proper microphone.