Core – Update to 1.3

I have made my choice - straightforward guide instead of compilation with multiple options.

How was the CORE changed?

A large amount of mods are now required. I have done my best to streamline all steps and reworked my general layout which will also be applied to the other sections for better consistency. The original purpose of the CORE is still what it was - to serve as a foundation for any modded game.

What other changes are coming now?

Now that I implemented the new layout 'framework' for the CORE, I can move on and do the same for the VISUALS section. At this point I have decided to go for a single mod setup and few options. The main guide will be pretty much in the same vein as STEP / Ultimate Skyrim from now on to realise my own 'vision' of a perfect Skyrim.

Looking for a guide simply to find new mods and spice up your game? Right now, Nordic Skyrim is definitely your best bet. Or DarkLadyLexy's LOTD STEP guide if you want to play a massive setup with Legacy of the Dragonborn.

I am considering to add another section to the website that might perhaps be similar to the infamous GEMS, including a good order to install types of mod in and a list of different options that are available plus compatibility. Basically what the guide always used to be - except I won't be creating and maintaining patches.

A Note on Future Updates

I really want to finally get to that point where I don't rework the entire guide every few weeks. The way I have it now set up - with few choices and only a single patch - should really help it along and be the last major rework for the time being. Having to juggle a multitude of different options created such a massive amount of complexity (and work for me) that I never got around to refining the guide like I want to.

How about that modularity?

It actually still exists! You can install only the CORE or CORE+VISUALS or CORE+VISUALS+GAMEPLAY.


  1. RedOwl

    How easily are you able to make progress? Im anxiously awaiting more steps to be released. I think youve set yourself apart from other guides with the merging of the core alone. It’s a cool touch. Good job.

    1. Phoenix

      Very slowly unfortunately. Still having issues with concentration.

      The Visuals rework is now 95% done, after that I will briefly revisit the Core before giving the Gameplay section a makeover. =)

      1. RedOwl

        After giving it some thought I think I’d rather you do this on your own time and not cater to me and my impatience. Move at your own pace, you have life outside of this I get that. Is there a way lowly mortals like me could help you?

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