Core – Update to 1.1

September has come and gone, and I have updated (and hopefully improved) the CORE a good deal over the last weeks. Everything I changed is listed in detail in my change log here. As usual, I intend to leave the CORE section untouched for the time being while I work on the VISUALS update and ultimately return to GAMEPLAY.

So what changed with v1.1 of the CORE section?

Most changes and updates were either based on the recent feedback of my users (thank you all so much!) or related to the development of the GAMEPLAY section which required some re-structuring. My goal is to find a balance between a very small amount of patches and very few required mods so that freedom of choice is retained as much as possible. On top of that, simplifying instructions is always one of my main concerns. To that end, I have also gone over all 8 CORE steps and made slight adjustments to the layout for better readability.

The following mods were added to the CORE section with the 1.1 update:
- SSE CreationKit Fix
- JContainers
- Enhanced Texture Detail (UV-Tweaks)
- Skyrim Particle Patch
- The Phoenix Flavour - FIX PACK
- The Phoenix Flavour - FIX MERGE BSA
- Imperial Soldiers Escort Fix
- No Crime Teleport
- Quests Are In Skyrim
- Better Jumping <--- replaces Sprint Jump

The following mods were removed from the CORE section with the 1.1 update:
- Keyword Shortcuts Fixes
- Simply Smaller Wolves <--- now in GAMEPLAY
- Sprint Jump <--- replaced with Better Jumping
- Skyrim Sizes

Additionally, there were slight changes to load order and mod order. Most seperate fix-mods are now packaged together in the FIX PACK and FIX MERGE BSA. There are no longer seperate conflict resolution patches as most mods with conflicts have slowly been removed - instead there is now only a single CRPatch, which simplifies the installation process. The entire guide was updated to SKSE 2.0.8 and the respective Skyrim SE version.

Well, I believe this is all. Cheers!
- Phoenix

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