Hey there! I’m so glad you are considering to contribute to the upkeep of this guide. So far this is still mostly one-woman-show but without the notes, corrections, comments and critiques of all the current Contributors, I would never have got where I am now.


Become a contributor:

Here are a few things you could help me out with:

  • Note down any errors, broken links, missing / faulty instructions you notice and let me know on reddit, the Nexus or Discord.
  • Help out other people on our server. I cannot reply to every help request and you would take a lot of pressure of my shoulders!
  • Suggest mods, let me know about issues about already included ones, share tricks, tweaks and your modding knowledge in general!

Keep in mind that the @Contributor role is mostly relevant – and only visible – on our Discord. However you can help me out even if you can’t or don’t want to join the server at the moment.