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TPF: Dragon's Edition Slidikins' Strenuous Skyrim Skyrim Modding Essentials

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It all started with The Phoenix Flavour, a manual modding guide that later became a Wabbajack setup. Since TPF, I have branched out and created the Wabbajack lists Legends of the Frost and Skyrim Modding Essentials for Skyrim SE as well as Welcome to Paradise for Fallout 4. In addition to my own projects, this website features other Wabbajack lists by friends of mine. Find out more below.

Legends of the Frost

Legends of the Frost is a Wabbajack list for Skyrim SE, strictly limited to fixing issues in the base game without changing it significantly for more enjoyable gameplay that is close to the vanilla experience.

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The Phoenix Flavour

The Phoenix Flavour is a manual guide and Wabbajack list for Skryim SE, focusing on improved visuals and gameplay without compromising the game’s original vision.

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Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise is a Wabbajack list for Fallout 4, intended to provide a solid upgrade over vanilla, including improved visuals and performance as well as gameplay adjustments.

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TPF: Dragon’s Edition

TPF: Dragon’s Edition is a Wabbajack list and TPF fork that greatly expands the original setup with new content, character creation options, items, and various other modifications.

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Slidikins’ Strenuous Skyrim

Slidikins’ Strenuous Skyrim is a Wabbajack list and TPF fork focusing on survival mechanics and a harsher economy with a range of other features for a more unforgiving experience.

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Skyrim Modding Essentials

Skyrim Modding Essentials is a lightweight utility list for Wabbajack and the successor to SMEFT. It is intended to jumpstart a new modded setup with all basic tools and mods.

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