Website Launch – It’s finally here!

How this guide came to be

It's been over a year since I started working on a modular guide for Skyrim Special Edition.

The first four attempts never got further than the draft stage, Nexus pages all of them. By the time I was tinkering on the fifth version, I had figured out a layout that worked and so The Phoenix Flavour - Chapter 1 was released just past christmas 2017. My original plan was to work on the next chapter - Visuals - right after finishing up the first, but as it turned out, a single page with BBCode formatting was too limiting for what I wanted to achieve. And so I migrated to a website.

Half a year later, it's done, a dedicated site with a streamlined layout. Here, I have the tools to do anything, any branching options and variants and even bloody blog posts because who doesn't want to became a blogger at some point, right? I certainly always wanted to. There is still something I need to remind not only myself of, but also everyone else: This is my project, my "passion". Much of my free time is pouring into this, to create my personal perfect Skyrim. Every bit of positive feedback, every "thank you" and every suggestion makes me giddy with joy, but I also get stressed out by (imaginary) expectations.

So - here I am, doing my thing. If you like it - great! Stay and go through my guide, get in touch with me and share your screenshots with everyone on the Nexus page. If you don't like it - just move along. =)

Regarding the Visuals

I suppose it's time to say a few things about the guide itself. After summarizing the Core in about twenty different ways in different places, I think its purpose is pretty clear. As for the Visuals, pictures are the best way to tell you what this guide will help you achieve. Because there are so many combinations of different weather/lighting/ENB/flora mods, I have settled for three variants myself which I'd like to introduct over the coming few weeks (just check back here once in a while if you're interested!).

I have some pictures from my ingame runs compiled below - they are all from different setups!

What's next?

I'm not sure whether it'll be the new Gameplay sections or reworks of the Visuals - but stuff is coming! For Gameplay, the interface section is pretty much complete, while the rest is in the early planning stages. The Future Plans page is probably going to get updated soon-ish so that you can check out my drawing board and ideas.

If you have the time, please head over to my poll and fill it out to help me decide what to do next!

Almost forgot to add this:
MASSIVE thanks to Faron who read through the guide multiple times and went ingame to test all the stuff!

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