16.2b.1 DynDOLOD Setup

  • Open the DynDOLOD mod page (yes, it's on the Classic Skyrim Nexus). Download and install the following files:
    • DynDOLOD Standalone
    • DynDOLOD Resources SE

  • Create a new folder: Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD.
  • Open the downloaded DynDOLOD Standalone archive and move all files from the DynDOLOD folder into your new directory.
  • Add both DynDOLODx64.exe and TexGen64.exe as executables to the MO2 drop-down menu. Add the argument -sse for both.

  • Install DynDOLOD Resources SE as usual through MO2.
  • FOMOD instructions below.

16.1b.2 HD LODs Textures
by Abendaron

no ESP / ESM

Download and install:
- HD-LODs-Textures-SE V7.0 1k SSELODGen - DynDOLOD
- HD-LODs-Textures-SE V7.2 update SSELODGen - DynDOLOD

16.1b.3 Enhanced Landscapes
by AceeQ


Download and install the main file.

FOMOD instructions

– Better Plant Textures
Grass Overhaul
– Enhanced Solstheim Ash Trees 4k with 3D Tree LOD <— only choose this if you’re using EVT and want 3D Ultra tree LOD
– Green Aspen Trees for EVT <— you can choose this if you’re running EVT, personally I don’t
Barren Marsh
– Dead Marsh
Green Fields
LOD Noise Texture

Immersive Citizens Patch

16.1b.4 Skyrim High Definition LODs - Dark LOD Textures
by AnarchoArchitect

no ESP / ESM classic skyrim mod

Download and install:
- Skyrim High Definition LODs - Darker and Grassy