Module III – Appearance

Module III - Appearance

Module III includes mods and full overhauls for your character and the NPCs. They focus on retexturing hair, skin, beards, scars, or even re-creating entire faces and styles. As always there are options for you to choose from. Most mods (with the exception of those that touch NPC records directly) are extremely compatible and will never require patches.

Body replacer such as CBBE are not supported (yet).

Establishing a baseline (1)

Let's start off by replacing the general textures for all things related to appearance: hair, skin, eyes, and so on. There are two major overhauls available that on their own cover pretty much everything. Some smaller mods can serve as alternatives or additions to them. I suggest taking a good look at both overhauls - WICO and Total Character Makeover - before you decide whether or not to install one of them. If neither strikes your fancy or if you're already struggling with a stable framerate, skip this section to mix-and-match smaller mods from the next step, (2), instead.

Any mods from (2) can also be installed on top of either of the large overhauls (Options A or B). They must be placed lower in your mod order to overwrite. Keep in mind that the features of many mods listed there are already included in WICO / TCM.

Option A - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul deviates the farthest from vanilla and it is also the choice I recommend. WICO does not only come with new textures for skin, hair, eyes and so on, but it also includes a plugin through which it edits a large amount of NPCs directly, giving them smoother faces and more realistic expressions but not in a way that turns them into flawless super models / waifus. The mod also improves the chracter creation by replacing more than half of the default presets with new (arguably prettier) ones.

Because WICO edits the NPCs’ records directly, it requires patches for quite a few mods (e.g. combat or new equipment mods).

Not recommended for low-end PCs.

Option B - Total Character Makeover

Total Character Makeover consists of textures and meshes only, it does not touch individual NPCs directly. The mod incorporates many other retexture mods to cover pretty much everything related to appearance while not straying too far from vanilla.

This is the quick and simple plug-n-play solution.

Adding additional appearance mods (2)

There are numerous smaller mods and texture replacers that can be used with or instead of one of the overhauls from (1). My favourites are listed on the page linked below:

Overhauling individual NPCs (3)

Besides WICO and EEO which already edit individual NPCs directly, there are some mods that go a step further beyond improving the looks to reworking them entirely. Best known is the Bijin compilation which focuses on prettying up the ladies of Skyrim by giving them new hair colours and styles, new eyes, skin textures and facial features. Most of the Bijin edits fit in fairly well especially in combination with WICO. Restoring some NPC's original look while keeping the Bijin-looks for all others is quick and easy.

Currently only the full Bijin suite is supported. More options with different NPC overhaul mods as well as a guide on how to edit Bijin to remove certain NPCs will be added in the future.

Either skip this section entirely or install all of Option A.

Option A - The Bijin Suite

Bijin overhauls a large number of female NPCs to make them look prettier, unique and more alive. Whether or not you like its changes comes down to personal taste – either install all included mods or skip this entirely.

Performance– might have a small performance impact, especially when the 4k skin textures are installed.

Included mods:

  • Bijin All in One
  • Bijin NPCs
  • Bijin Wives
  • Bijin Warmaidens
  • Seranaholic – plus Valerica

Unpotatofying the kids (4)

Because I'm pretty sure children don't look like this.

Two mods to rework children are supported so far, one a 'simple' retexture and the other a full overhaul in the same vein as WICO / EEO / Bijin. The latter of course requires a number of patches and integration for any new children added through mods. Fortunately, there are plenty of patches and addons for the most popular child replacer, RS Children - my favourite one which I strongly recommend.


This is simply a remake of the children’s face and body textures. It improves their appearance but keeps them largely vanilla and fits in very well. There should be no performance hit whatsoever and compatibility is not an issue.

Option B - RS Children Overhaul

A full overhaul for all children with new hairstyles, improved textures and natural faces. Includes an ESP and direct edits to the kids’ records, meaning patches are required for some mods. There might be a small performance hit for some people with low-end PCs.