This is the second part of The Phoenix Flavour.

In the course of the following steps, you will be provided with a broad variety of choices and mods strictly related to visuals, including major lighting overhauls, a compatible post-processing injector such as ENBSeries and high quality landscape mods for flora and distant terrain. You will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions regarding your hardware and suitably performance-friendly configurations, so even owners of low-end computers should be able to improve their game's graphics.


During the Visuals installation procedure we are going to:

  • Properly calibrate your monitor, create a new Mod Organizer 2 profile and tweak your INIs further.
  • Install a combination of weather and lighting overhaul mods plus matching post-processing injector (ReShade / ENB).
  • Retexture large parts of the world of Skyrim with a collection of quality replacer mods.
  • Revamp the aesthetics and looks of Skyrim’s inhabitants.
  • Completely overhaul the landscape and flora to your liking, adding new objects and sights to the environment.
  • And subtly touch up some of the cities and towns to make them more alive.


- a full installation of The Phoenix Flavour: Core