• Make sure you are running the version of SKSE64 that is currently supported by the guide.
  • Additionally you need the compatible version of PapyrusUtils, which you should have installed during CORE, Step 6. If you haven't, please download and install the mod now (mod page).
  • You also need to have the correct billboards for your tree overhaul(s) and Indistinguishable Billboards as base (unless you installed SBT).

DynDOLOD Setup

  • Open the DynDOLOD mod page (yes, it's on the Classic Skyrim Nexus). Download and install the following files:
    • DynDOLOD Standalone
    • DynDOLOD Resources SE
    • DynDOLOD Patches <--- only if you installed Lanterns of Skyrim (VISUALS, Module IV)

  • Create a new folder: Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD.
  • Open the downloaded DynDOLOD Standalone archive and move all files from the DynDOLOD folder into your new directory.
  • Add both DynDOLODx64.exe and TexGen64.exe as executables to the MO2 drop-down menu. Add the argument -sse for both.

  • Install DynDOLOD Resources SE and DynDOLOD Patches as usual through MO2.
  • FOMOD instructions below.
  • Refer to this page for placement in your mod order.


FOMOD - Resources SE

FOMOD - Patches

DynDOLOD - Ultra 3D Trees Tweaks (optional)

Only follow these instructions if you are:

  • running Enhanced Vanilla Trees with billboards for 3D trees
  • playing on a PC capable enough to run DynDOLOD on high (at least 4GB VRAM, SSD strongly recommended)

You aren't? Skip this section and continue with RUNNING TEXGEN.


Still here? Okay then. This is how you can tweak DynDOLOD so that it generates 3D LOD:

  • Navigate to Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\cacheand delete everything inside that folder.
  • Return to yourEdit Scripts\DynDOLOD folder and find your DynDOLOD_SSE.ini file. Edit the following line:
    • TreeLOD=0
  • Save and close the file.

This currently only works in conjunction with EVT and some parts of Enhanced Landscapes, since those two are the only mods coming with specifically modified billboards.

Running TexGen


  • Launch TexGen x64 through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Once the RTFM window comes up, wait until you can click OK.
  • Configure the options:
    • LOD Texture Size: 512 <— keep at the default 256 if you have less than 4GB of VRAM
    • Diffuse Alpha: BC3 (DXT5)
  • Hit Start and wait for TexGen to finish.


  • Navigate to Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD\TexGen_Output.
  • Create a new folder inside and name it TexGen [Output].
  • Move (don't copy) the textures folder inside the new folder.
  • Finally move the TexGen [Output] folder to Mod Organizer 2\mods.
  • Refresh MO2 and move TexGen [Output] to the [Distant Terrain] section as the last mod (below HD LOD Textures / Majestic Mountains LOD Pack).
  • Activate TexGen [Output] in your mod order (left pane).

Running DynDOLOD


  • Launch DynDOLOD x64 through Mod Organizer 2.
  • Once the RTFM window comes up, wait until you can click OK.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Configure DynDOLOD:
    • Right-click in the box on the top left > Select all.
    • Check both “Candles” and “FXGlow”.
    • Under Options, make sure the following are ticked:
      • Generate Static LOD
      • Create texture atlas
      • Max tile size=512 <— lower to 256 if you have less than 4GB of VRAM
      • Generate DynDOLOD
      • Windows
      • High
      • Fake lights in child worlds
    • For 3D Ultra Trees the Generate Tree LOD option should be greyed out. For normal trees, it should be available and checked.
    • Select the Low, Medium or High preset.<--- you must select High when generating 3D Ultra Trees
  • Click OK and wait for DynDOLOD to finish. This will take a while (~15min for me) and I recommend stepping away from your PC in the meantime.


  • Click Save and exit once the option becomes available.
  • Navigate to Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_Output.
  • Create a new folder inside and name it DynDOLOD [Output].
  • Move (don't copy) all other files and folders inside that new folder.
  • Finally move the DynDOLOD [Output] folder to Mod Organizer 2\mods.
  • Refresh MO2 and move DynDOLOD [Output] below TexGen [Output].
  • Activate DynDOLOD [Output] in your mod order (left pane).
  • Leave DynDOLOD.esp where it is (at the very bottom of your load order) and move DynDOLOD.esm up to the other ESM files where you should place it last.
  • Make sure both ESP and ESM are activated.