Durnehviir Resurrected
by opusGlass

Download and install the main file.


Select whichever options you want, just not the “Durnehviir: God of Death” patch.

Improved Shadowmarks
by kryptopyr

Download and install:
- Improved Shadowmarks (512)

Only install this if you did not install Thieves Guild Requirements which already includes this!

Simply Knock
by Chesko

Requires SKSE64 and SkyUI.

Download and install the main file.

Additional installation instructions

  • Double-click the mod, switch to the Files tab and navigate to SKSE\Plugins.
  • Delete PapyrusUtil.dll.

  • Download the updated Simply Knock DLL by JimBeamBeagle here (found in the comment section of the mod page).
  • Replace the Simply Knock.dll in your Simply Knock mod folder with the updated one from the downloaded archive.

Visible Favorited Gear
by SkyPainCake

highly recommended

Download and install the main file.

Belt-Fastened Quivers
by Chesko & Ninivekha

no ESP / ESM

Download and install the main file.

Additional installation instructions

To save up a plugin slot, we can simply unpack the BSA and remove the ESP.

  1. In the right pane in MO2, switch from the ‘Plugins’ to the ‘Archives’ tab.
  2. Find beltfastenedquivers.bsa in the list, then right-click > extract.
  3. Point it to the Belt-Fastened Quiver mod folder so that the loose files are moved into that same directory.
  4. Hide / delete the ESP and BSA files.

Book Covers Skyrim
by DanielCoffrey


Download and install one of the following files:
- Book Covers Skyrim SE - Desaturated
- Book Covers Skyrim SE - Original

Compatibility - The Choice Is Yours

If you installed The Choice Is Yours during [Core, Step 7], go back to its mod page and download ‘Book Covers Skyrim Patch’.